How to Be Productive Over the Holidays

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Ability to have a good rest is as important as the ability to work well. Sometimes success-oriented people do not relax during the weekend, which negatively affects their efficiency and the achievement of success. How to spend the weekend and stay productive? Keep reading this article.

For the type of people described above, it is most important at the weekend to calm down and not try to engage in work. Write down to your mind, consciousness, and subconscious that a good rest is a condition of good work. Weekend rest should be good for health – it would be prudent to refrain from waking at midnight, and it would be nice to take a break from the computer. A good effect for rest gives a sharp change of activities. It is necessary to do something unusual and exciting. And in order to fully relax you need to plan your weekend, taking into account the type of ongoing activity.

Intellectual Work

Usually, people who “work mentally” are prone to chronic fatigue syndrome. The main problem is the lack of physical activity in conditions of nervous and constant intellectual tension. In response to stress, the body produces hormones that push a person to a physical jerk. It can be an attack or flight, depending on the individuality. This physical spurt is programmed by the body, and if you do not do it, you will get the effect of a kettle that boils with a closed lid. How to relax in this situation?

Leaving the workplace, throw the work out of your head, but if you are stressed at work, then it will not be easy; at the end of the week, summing up, write down what has already been done and what will be done on Monday. Use the motto of Scarlett Ohara “I’ll think about it tomorrow” and at the end of the week, plan an active evening. Communicate with interesting people, visit a bowling club, to a concert.

Physical Work

Compared to mental labor, physical labor seems free of all sorts of problems. But this is not true. Physical labor is, for the most part, a monotonous work and from it, a person is tired not less than from intellectual loads. Waiters, sellers, hairdressers, even if some day did not bring emotional troubles, get tired both mentally and physically.

At the end of the week, you need to help the body relax. If you stood on your feet all day, then when you get home, remove a feeling of heaviness from your feet, put them on some elevation. Arrange water procedures, it can be a contrast shower or pool. Water will relieve fatigue and help tune in to a productive weekend.

Emotional Work

This activity requires an emotional response from the person; this includes the work of doctors, psychologists, teachers. And, in spite of the fact that they are not physically overloaded, they are also overtaken by fatigue. These people are in constant contact with other people and know that the result of their work depends on their emotional involvement, which is a serious test for the psyche. The danger for social workers is emotional burnout, then they do not want to communicate with people outside of their work and become indifferent. As experts say these people need to rest emotionally. Make yourself a Friday unloading day without communication – returning from work on Friday, do not use public transport, but walk alone.

5 Tips to Have a Rest but Stay Effective on Weekends

Dedicate your weekends to rest only. Try to organize a working week that there is no need to work on weekends; if there are unresolved issues, it is better to work overtime in the evening but do not postpone the work for the weekend.

Plan your weekend. Think in advance what you can do: go to an exhibition or a theater, to nature or arrange a mini-trip to another city, meet with relatives, have a party . There are a lot of options!

Change the activity – if you want to really relax, engage in something that is fundamentally different from your daily activities. If you are an office worker, spend whole days at a computer, then dedicate your days off to active pursuits. Visit a fitness club, organize a game of paintball with friends. Do what will help you relax and disconnect from work problems.

Sleep moderately – experts advise to wake up at one time throughout the week. You can sleep up to a maximum of 2 hours on weekends without harm to health and getting up early, you will have time to remake a lot of planned things.

Be yourself. Ask your feelings, determine what ideas are attractive, what excite and attract you, what you want; for a good rest, do only what brings you positive emotions.

5 Practical Ideas to Relax and Increase Productivity Simultaneously

Organize a Wardrobe

It’s time to get out of the wardrobe and realize that you do not need this billion things that you do not wear, which are no longer your size or which are hopelessly out of date. Even if you love everything and everything suits you, you should sort things by the seasons or give away unnecessary things. You can wash, pat, beautifully hang and open the cupboard with ecstasy. Now everything is in its place, at least until the next weekend.

Read Your Favorite Book

Each person has one favorite book for which there is no time, because the Internet is interesting, and time is short. A good way to arrange a total relaxation is to open the most beloved book. Immerse yourself in the world of war without getting any wounds, experiencing love shocks without breaking your heart, and gain experience without becoming gray in the process. You can spend a day at the bookshop in search of new products. But read the most favorite – this book will never fail.

Perform a Spring Cleaning

You have already read about this method of rest, but who of us really took after that for cleaning? The reason lies in the fact that in the vast majority of people associate cleaning with fatigue and heaviness, but these representations are groundless. Cleanliness helps relieve the disorder that causes stress. This is a physical load, not burdensome, but necessary, and finally, it’s absolutely free.

Prepare a Dish from Your Childhood

If the crowning dish of your childhood was not pasta with mayonnaise, but something requiring great effort and imagination, then it’s time to wake up your inner cook. This is the best way to follow loved ones – these recipes always contain family secrets, call your mother. You need a heated oven, salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of love.

Learn the TED Lecture Course to Stay Productive

Free TED lectures have long become a symbol of pop culture, and not a way of intelligent rest, and that’s fine. Turn off your head, while receiving the knowledge and inspiration. Be productive. Sunday evening is perfect for this.

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