Planning To Get Wooden Flooring? Here’s what you need to know

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring has all the elements of comfort, aesthetic beauty and class. It gives a home the style that you want and is an immediate attraction for whoever walks into a home. However, getting wooden flooring for your home requires some planning and thinking. So if you want to get some wooden flooring for your home, here’s what you should know.

  1. The Floor Is Permanent

The floor is more permanent than other elements of a room like the walls and the ceiling. When you’re deciding on the floor, you need to be sure of what you want because you can always change the colour of the paint of walls and ceilings but changing wooden floors will be expensive and not that easy. So while choosing from a range of colours, patterns and hardness of wooden floors, make sure you choose one that is evergreen, rather than trend based. You should do your research well and choose a wooden floor that will best suit your liking, purpose and theme of the rest of the home.

  1. Colour of Wood

There are a range of colours when it comes to wooden flooring. You can choose from light, dark or neutral wood colours. This will also depend on the colour of your walls, ceiling and the theme of your home. A dark wooden floor will absorb a lot of light and give warmth and make your home more cosy. A light wooden colour will make your home look more spacious and reflect light.

  1. Texture

Texture is another very important element when choosing a hardwood floor for your home. You can choose from a range of textures for your wooden flooring from shiny, new to antique or worn out look, depending on what kind of look do you want for your home. Choosing the texture of your wooden flooring will again, depend on the theme of your home. If you plan to have a modern theme to your home, then you might want to go for shiny, new wooden flooring or you can also do a contrast. It depends on what you like and your taste.

  1. Type of Hardwood Floor

Type of hardwood floor for your home will largely depend on the kind of use, wear and tear that it will go through. For example, a lacquered floor will be easier to clean because it has a protective layer on top of it which preserves it from the wear and tear caused by years of use. It gives a smooth and shiny look to the flooring and is available in matt or gloss finish.

Oiled wood flooring has a layer of oil applied on it and then it is dried under UV light. Once installed, an oiled wood flooring will provide a more natural look and scent of the wooden flooring. Scratches and marks are less visible on oiled wood floors and are easier to repair. The oil applied on such wooden floors, penetrates till the depth of the wood, so it’s easier to maintain and doesn’t change texture or colour when cracked.


These are some of the basic points that are important for you to keep in mind while choosing hardwood floors. It’s also important that you purchase your hardwood floors from a reputed supplier who will provide you with high quality material and guarantee. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the care and maintenance instructions of the wooden flooring to ensure durability of your wooden flooring. Whether you’re getting wooden flooring or tiles for your home, always maintain uniformity across your home in terms of its theme. Go for what’s practical and useful for you and not what’s trendy in magazines.

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