How to Enhance the Security of Your House: Things to know

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Planning for a family vacation? Worried about the security of your house? Well, these are some of the most obvious and common questions that concern every homeowner when they are planning a family vacation and leaving their house vacant.

The real question is how to save your house from break-ins, loots and burglaries? With the growing technology and advancements, securing your house is not an issue anymore.  Listed below are some of the essential tips to follow in order to enhance the security of your house while you are away:


  • Get the best Security Camera System


Security cameras have helped both homeowners and business owners to keep a check on all kinds of movements around their property. Install a CCTV camera with live feed on your desktop, phone or laptop and rest assured of the security at your home. Most of the smart security systems come with a recording feature that helps in recognising the thief after a break-in.


  • Install Burglar Alarms


Most of the times, burglars focus on windows and doors for the invasion. Install burglar alarms that would blow off with just a slight crack on the window and alarm people in your neighbourhood for any kind of disruptions in your property. With just a few right things on the list dodge the burglars and save your house from break-ins and theft.


  • Keep the outdoor lit


If you have left the place, make sure you keep the outdoors lit. This will make the thief think of someone’s presence in the house and save your house from break-ins and theft. Barking dogs and security guards in the garden area will keep the burglars at bay. Have a good lighting system in your house outdoor areas like garden and driveways.


  • Strong Garage Doors


The more the number of entry points in your house, the more is the vulnerability to theft. If you have a garage, make sure the doors and locks are well-fitted and robust. Hire a professional garage door manufacturer and installer and rest assured of a 100% security in your backyards. We are sure you would not like your new car to be driven away by the burglars, and therefore, garage security is a must.


  • Hire a Security Guard


Burglars only focus on houses that are quiet and dark, and therefore, hiring a security guard can be a good idea. Although it is always advised to trust a certified and licensed agency providing security guards for home safety and security. Some of the burglary cases have involved security guards to be guiding thieves for break-ins, and therefore, choosing the right security agency is an important aspect that needs to be adequately researched.  


  • Change to Digital Locks


Gone are the days of using a manual lock with a key. Change to digital locks with fingerprint or face scanner. If you have recently moved into a new house, change the lock system entirely so that you are sure no one else other than you has an access to the locks. Digital locks are smart and advanced. Also, make sure only your family members have access to the system.

We are pretty sure this article will guide you on how to keep your property safe and secure while you are out on vacation.This constant race of a homeowner saving his property from burglars will soon see a break and halt, where burglars have to surrender to the growing technological advancements like CCTV Cameras, alarms etc. Enjoy your vacation while you keep a check on the security of your house.

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