Pili Lokal Marketplace – Philippines First Class Marketplace to Buy from Filipino Artisans

Pili Lokal – Philippines First Class Marketplace

Pili Lokal Marketplace – Philippines First Class Marketplace to Buy from Filipino Artisans | During the rise of the  Covid-19 Pandemic, the Philippines suffered a massive economic crisis that caused the downfall of many local businesses, with the country being forced to adjust to the new norm, called the Internet, how will our local businesses be able to rise again?

Enter the world of artisans by definition, Artisans are a group of workers who practices a trade or handicraft, a self-renowned craftsperson with the skill sets to make a masterpiece by hand out of thin air, whether it be delicacies, home living, accessories, and even health essentials.

Yet with so many talented Filipino artisans out there, It’s sad to say that only 10% of them are the ones that are recognized, and the majority of the 90% will have to keep fighting for the top spot.

But, What if there’s a marketplace so powerful that it gives any Pinoy artisan the opportunity to rise to the top? Introducing Pili lokal Marketplace.

Pili Lokal was developed by a small group of powerhouse Pinoy techpreneurs based in New York, with their genius they developed the marketplace and turned it into a platform, which gives massive opportunities to the 90% of unknown Pinoy artisans.

Enter The World Of Varieties:

  • Home living
  • Accessories
  • Delicacies
  • Health Essentials
  • Clothing
  • Event supplies

The Art Enthusiast’s Paradise

Pili Lokal marketplace has it all, from everything to sofa essentials, clear tables, to tea infusers, tampipi baskets, quality mats and so much more, for buyers and typical artisan consumers, they will enjoy the wide variety of quality of handmade products designed by World-class Filipino artisans.

With the quality of work output from the hard-working Filipino fellowmen, the typical artisan buyers are in for a treat, not only are the products made from the finest of supplies, but it’s also a guaranteed satisfaction for them.

The Pili Lokal marketplace gives the large market of Art enthusiasts the quality experience of having luxury artisan products for them to choose all in the tip of their fingertips.

It’s undoubtedly the paradise of every art enthusiast out there.

From Local To World Class

When it comes to the regular artisan creators, Pili Lokal opens its doors to help you take your Artisan business to the next level, using its highly flexible marketplace not only does it position your product at the top of your market.

Pili Lokal marketplace does it in a way where it makes your products stand out to a large audience of Artisan buyers, bringing your product as this world-class artisan that not only competes with the Philippines best but also the world.


The Pili Lokal Marketplace was optImized to showcase the homemade furniture of our local Filipino artisan, turning the average joe into a typical buyer with its endless variety of options, but one thing is for sure when you list your product on the Pili Lokal marketplace, the opportunities are endless.

About Pili Lokal Marketplace

Pilí’s expertise lies in launching the local marketplace for authentic and handcrafted goods. This e-commerce platform is the home of local sellers to maximize their businesses in the community.

Pili presents three main problems:

  • What are Filipino products?
  • Who are the Filipino artisans/makers?
  • Where do they sell?

Pili Lokal aims to solve these issues by establishing a website platform where consumers can:

  • Know what Filipino products are
  • Identify Filipino merchants
  • Access a community of buyers and Filipino sellers

Want to support local businesses but don’t know how to? Well, get your shopping thumbs ready for PILI will soon launch its website with offers from unique local stores. This is your time to give back to your community and help Filipino entrepreneurs!

For interested merchants, simply send your queries to sales@pililokal.com or contact us at +63998 902 2096.

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