4 Assistive Devices for Your Technophobic Parents

4 Assistive Devices for Your Technophobic Parents

4 Assistive Devices for Your Technophobic Parents | Immobility is a common age-related disability affecting 2 out of 3 seniors in America. However, several assistive devices improve the quality of life in elderly persons. They offer solutions for hassle-free independent living, allowing people to move around, communicate, and get dressed with ease. More than a billion people use one or more assistive devices in the world. The advance in technology has led to massive innovations that help seniors live satisfying and independent lives. Here are some of the assistive devices you can get from your technophobic parents.

4-wheel electric scooter

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As people get older, they often get less mobile and struggle to get around. This can jar to watch someone trying to keep up with the daily activities because of mobility difficulties. If you have a parent struggling to get around, get a mobility scooter that emphasizes luxury, quality, and comfort. It gives them the independence to move anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

There are many electric scooters on the market in different sizes and shapes to keep people safe. These are small motorized vehicles allowing users to sit on them similarly to sitting in a chair. The scooters run on integrated batteries, thus need regular charging to function. Once fully charged, this device can cover up to eight miles of use.

A 4 wheel electric scooter allows aging adults to get around with ease. They can use it in place of walking to get around their local area or home. The device aids people with injuries or physical disabilities in performing daily tasks and activities. They can move around helping people with basic needs or complex requirements. Since this device disassembles quickly and easily, your parents have the independence of moving without help.

Television ears

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If you are looking to make life easier for your elderly parent with age-related hearing loss, consider getting them television ears. This is an audible device that can help seniors hear dialog. You connect it to a television and wear it like a headset, thus reducing volume for others in the room.

Television ears are listening devices for parents with hearing difficulty. They are designed to help them hear the TV better without disturbing others. They can turn up the volume as loud as needed and change the base without disturbing family and friends doing other activities. The device can ensure seniors can hear and enjoy their program while improving the experience for everyone in the room.

The digital television ears work with all television types. They feature long-range technology that allows them to swing around the house while listening to their favorite program. The TV ears are ideal for individuals with hearing loss, helping them hear the television clearly without turning up the volume. With this device, you can set your headset volume.

Specialized freedom grip handles

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This assistive device helps seniors get out of bed safely. They attach to any height bed frame to reduce the risk of falls for individuals experiencing severe back pain and arthritis. It is also a non-slip handle designed to fit any home-style beds, including thicker mattresses.

This freedom grip handle has many benefits to help seniors get in and out of bed with ease. They can prevent dangerous falls and maintain independence. The bedrail can be incredibly helpful for your elderly parents by lessening the difficulty of getting in and out of bed. They also add durability and stability for your seniors while emphasizing the independence of use.

This tool is also easy to use; you easily snap the handle and move it into place until you hear a click. After this, slide the bed board between the mattress and box spring to ensure it aligns with the user’s abdomen when they are in bed. Your parents can use the handle to reposition in bed because of the advantage of a height-adjustable handle. The top of the handle is covered with a non-slip grip that guarantees extra safety. If your parents have arthritis, consider getting them this device.

Activator pole

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Walking is crucial to the health and wellness of senior people. If your parents have trouble getting around, consider adding a specialized pole to facilitate their walking routine. They promote suitable physical exercise and outdoor activities for the elderly.

The specialized pole can help increase balance and mobility in seniors as an alternative to canes and walkers. They target people who need help with stability and balance, as well as less active adults. Due to improved balance and posture, the activator pole reduces the impact of painful joints. Therapists and physicians recommend them for rehab and long-term conditions.

These are dual poles designed to offer lateral stability if your parent has chronic pain or multiple sclerosis. They have a unique patented design that enhances stability and strength for greater weight-bearing capacity. Each pole can bear up to 200 pounds, offering stability.

Moreover, they are adjustable to accommodate all body sizes and shapes. You will also find a bell shape tip for stability and an ergonomic core grip designed to reduce strain on the wrist. The activator pole can improve mood and confidence in your parents. However, consult a physician or therapist before switching from a walker to an activator pole.

The Bottom Line

The term assistive devices cover a wide range of equipment that enables seniors to participate in all activities. These devices provide additional accessibility to seniors allowing them to maintain independence. They can help restore confidence, increase mobility for your parents, and improve their livelihood. When you invest in these devices, you can address many types of age-related health issues.

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