Pharmacy Sydney Services during the Pandemic: Choosing the face mask and shields

kennedys pharmacy Pharmacy Sydney Services during the Pandemic | Pharmacy Sydney services during the pandemic: choosing the face mask and shields | Pharmacies have always played an important role in maintaining the health of society, especially when it comes to the adverse impact of coronavirus. Spreading rapidly across the world, the virus caused the need to react quickly and stop its harmful consequences that people experience every day globally. Therefore, it is vital to adhere to simple rules and recommendations adopted by the World Health Organization to save your life and health and people who are in a high-risk group. 

Preventive measures include:

  • regular hand washing and processing with alcohol-based antiseptic to prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms;
  • a safe social distance with everyone who has early signs and symptoms of the infection (dry cough and sneezing);
  • avoid touching any part of the face;
  • always have tissue with you and use it when sneezing;
  • stay at home if you feel mild to moderate symptoms.

And of course, wearing masks at public places, where required social distance is impossible to keep, is the most crucial measure. At almost every pharmacy, Sydney residents can purchase an essential protective element such as a medical mask to limit the spread of respiratory illness. Thus, being in a crowded place, visiting your doctor, using public transport, be responsible – wear a face mask or shield. Moreover, face mask international has a great variety in different types of face masks, you can check them to find the best ones. 

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Buy a face shield in the most reliable Botany pharmacy

While hundreds of thousands of responsible Australians stay at home to stop the virus transmission and avoid putting themselves at risk of catching the infection, Botany pharmacy experts from Kennedy’s Pharmacy continue to do their duties. The medical workers are committed to their goal of ensuring that everyone has the necessary medicines and provide access to face masks to protect everyone from coronavirus. Pharmacists continue to take care of every single customer, patient with chronic diseases, and children. Moreover, they are here to prevent the spread.

Thus, at the pharmacy, Sydney customers can purchase not just surgical masks but superior quality personal protective equipment such as CLEARMASK anti-fog shield to eliminate the risk of the virus getting inside your body while easily perform daily activities you used to do before the COVID lockdown but in a safer manner. What are the main benefits of this particular shield which you can obtain at Kennedy’s Botany pharmacy:

  • Full face protection: it covers the whole face including nose, mouth, and eyes;
  • Wide range of application: you can wear it in any type of workplace;
  • Comfortable experience: the shield won’t cause any discomfort when wearing it for too long;
  • Clear vision: it won’t prevent you from the normal performance of daily tasks, as the mask is transparent, and you also won’t experience any problems with communication;
  • Perfect for asthmatics: for people with a respiratory condition like asthma, it can be difficult to wear, for example, cloth masks, but CLEARMASK shield is suitable even for people who suffer from difficulties in breathing;
  • Ideal barrier to the virus: water-resistant and dustproof shield is a 100% guarantee of staying safe despite the environment you are in.

Shields are more efficient than face masks when it comes to virus preventing. Thus, if you want to take care of yourself with the right equipment, consider using the services of Kennedy’s Pharmacy. Australia can beat the pandemic only by using the right tactic and with a responsible attitude of its society.

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