How Can Businesses Make Sales during COVID-19? Three tips by Eric Dalius 

How can businesses make sales during COVID-19? Three tips by Eric Dalius Ways to Keep Your Business Current 2020 - Negosentro
Image Credit: | How can businesses make sales during COVID-19? Three tips by Eric Dalius | Currently, the world has been adversely affected by the pandemic outbreak! Most industry verticals and organizations have incurred losses and trying to make up for the losses. Also, governments are trying out different measures to keep their people safe. However, small and medium scale businesses have made financial losses. Today, these businesses get forced to say yes to new approaches for selling their services and goods.

The end of the pandemic outbreak is unknown. But businesses need to navigate through this phase and carry out the proper function. Eric Dalius shares five useful tips that can help businesses to boost their sales during this pandemic time.  

Re-assess all that you are offering

Life has undergone massive changes during the past few months. And when it is about your customers, you can’t ignore this fact. There might be a couple of products that they don’t require at the moment. Hence, you must modify the production and provide only those services and products that your consumers need at the moment.

Interact with the consumers

During and after this pandemic phase, it is essential for business organizations to interact with their customers. Eric J Dalius says that customers and businesses witness significant changes, from routine modifications and financial challenges. Based on the latest research, close to 43% of the customers consider it reassuring when they hear from their best brands. Make use of the messaging channels that comprise social media to update customers concerning all that’s changing in the business. It contains questions like:

  • Will every product be available?
  • Can you expect production delays?
  • Are deliveries getting halted in every country?
  • How are you ensuring customer safety?
  • What is the updated anticipated product delivery time?

You need to plan ahead of time

Most businesses didn’t have a crisis plan to manage the after-effects of the pandemic. Naturally, they were caught off-guard. Do you want to plan ahead of time? If so, there’s no better time than the present moment to begin planning. It will help you to ensure that you have a system to fall back on despite any crisis and that you can return make to making sales faster. 

According to EJ Dalius, it is necessary to conduct a business audit. Organizations need to know where they are making and losing sales. The audit will let you know the areas of stagnation as well. Once you understand how the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has affected your business, it is necessary to take ample measures to resolve the same. You need to concentrate on the essential elements:

  • The rand response towards the pandemic
  • The postponed campaigns and projects
  • The debt-relief grants and funding
  • The remote employee collaboration and productivity
  • Trade and tax issues because of country lockdowns
  • The disrupted operations and supply chains

The future consequences of the pandemic outbreak are unpredictable. Hence, it’s necessary to assess your present business condition and follow the steps mentioned above to fine-tune your marketing and sales strategy.

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