People you Should Befriend at Work

People-you-Should-Befriend-at-Work, workmates-you-should-befriend-with-and-why

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You’re not required to create a small circle of friends from different departments. But it helps if you do have a good relationship at least one employee from each department.  Here are the people you should at least befriend with, and why you need to.

1. Your Boss

“Befriending” your boss should be easy when you know how to do your job well and master the company’s policies. The first thing you want to focus on is on how to improve on your role as an employee. To get along with your immediate supervisor, try to open up a casual conversation like a new hit movie or book, it could be anything general. When you share a bit of your personal choices or insights will get you noticed by your boss.  The more you open up to your boss, he will feel trusted by you. But don’t open up too much about negative personal likes, still focus on your role. Because most importantly, he is the one that rates your performance.

2. The Techie Guys

Yep, from the Information Technology department. At this age, you cannot work without your desktop or laptop. What if your equipment bogs down? Who do you turn to? -the “techie guys.” Admit it, sometimes you just don’t know how to operate that printer on your desk when it doesn’t print. But the catch is, to actually befriend them, you should be patient as well. Technology doesn’t get fixed in an instant as well, the IT department can be as meticulous as you. They need a bit time to think how to fix your laptop. A concrete tip? Learn how to do basic rebooting of your system, then if it doesn’t work, that’s the time you call IT department. Make sure you don’t waste their time over petty things.

3. Human Resources

When you are a job seeker, the Human Resources Officer is the first one you officially talk to. Be kind to them because they are also the key to your promotion. They got the first dibs to your attendance, how early and tardy you are. They don’t read your mind but they are observant to your actions. Their “say” is counted if or not you are deserving to be reprimanded or promoted.

4. Admin Staff

The administrative assistants work directly with the top management. Be sure to be at your best attitude towards them. Get to know them better and befriend them. Why? Again, they know exactly what the superiors likes and dislikes. You can get details from them as well regarding company culture. They are basically knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the company. If you need help from departments, or could be the CEO, you may go through them, and ask some advises.

5.  Finance Department

Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of The Humor Advantage advised, “Befriending and building trust with people in key financial roles can pay huge dividends the next time you are dealing with a financial mix-up or navigating a big contract or substantial purchase through the bureaucratic maze.” You need at least one of the accountants that you can trust and likes you as an acquaintance. Especially when you just got hired, you need to know how to ask for cash advances, petty cash, reimbursements and the like. They are of course the first hand on money.

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