How Not to Look and Sound Dumb on a Job Interview

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Mary Rae Floresca|

It’s not enough to wear the best attire and your well written curriculum vitae when you go to a job interview. Sometimes the words you speak makes you look and sound dumb. To nail that job you want, stay away from saying the following.

1. ‘Um,’ ‘uh,’ or ‘err’

These fillers don’t make you look smarter. Does your curriculum vitae or biodata have these words? None, right? So practice your speech by showing how much you look good based on your resumé. These words just show sometimes how you can make up stories or being indecisive.

2. Curses/Foul Words

You know what kind of “curses” we are talking about. It’s the foul words that your interviewer doesn’t want to hear from you. All the ‘S—,’ ‘b—-,’ ‘f—,’ and the like are not the passwords for you to enter the company’s doors. Stay composed and control yourself until you finish the interview.

3. “Really” and “Actually”

Really, it’s not actually a pleasant way to really keep repeating and emphasizing your words, actually-annoying, right? Excessive use of these words is not nice to hear, it’s like you are pushing too much of a context to convince your interviewer but it’s not working. When you are trying to explain something, say it slowly and go straight to the point.

4. “I don’t know”

Well, what do you know? Seriously, if you’re being asked about something that you honestly don’t know. Don’t just say you don’t know, better term is, “Sorry, I’m not familiar with that,” or “I think I’ve heard of it but do not know much about it.” Then the human resources officer will carry on the conversation.

5. “Can I arrive early as long as I get my work done?”

Mind you, if it’s an initial interview, don’t ask these kind of assuming questions. Don’t compromise with the adjustments regarding your schedule. If you are applying for a rank and file position, you might have to work your way up the corporate ladder first before negotiating with a “flexible” schedule.

6. “What does your company do?”

This is a desperate kind of question. Why? It’s pretty obvious how you are scouting company to another company just to score a job. Hiring officers already know that you are looking for your perfect job but don’t make it obvious or look dumb to ask what the company does. Lesson no.1: research about the company before going to the interview.

7. “That seems to be quite a workload.”

With this statement, it seems also that you cannot take a challenging workload. During the interview, you should possess confidence that you can take any challenges at work. If you’ll be receiving the job offer, that’s the time you weigh in if you can really accept a big task.


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