How To Overcome Your Fear Of Change

fear of change

Freddie York, NegosentroNot a lot of people embrace change. There’s a sense of distress that comes with the idea. It makes it difficult to understand how those people who don’t mind it get by. The first steps is recognizing that it bothers you and that you want to get past it.

Let yourself be afraid, but then acknowledge it’s time to work through it. The thought of change is debilitating for many people and causes them to miss out on major opportunities in their life. Don’t let this be you any longer. It’s time to get past the worry. See how to overcome your fear of change.


Start by maintaining a journal. Write down all of your fears and why you feel the way you do. Put details about your emotions and how this issue has affected your life. Also, include your hopes about the future and what you want your life to look like when the anxiety isn’t holding you back. It’s a great way to get your feelings off your chest and see on paper what’s exactly bothering you. Review the best and worst scenarios for particular situations and write down what that looks like.

Focus on Excitement vs. Fear

Alter your outlook and focus your energy on the excitement of a situation, instead of the fear. Get energized about what could be and the unknown. Don’t let fear creep up and take away your positive drive. Remember that you’re choosing change because you know that ultimately it’s better for you. You’re looking out for yourself, and your mental game is getting in the way. Focus on the possibilities of a fresh start, happiness and new beginnings. Override the fear with excitement and charge forward with the right attitude in place.

Get Support

Anyone who’s going through a tough time needs support. Reach out to family and friends and let them know how you’re feeling. Be real with them about your fear of change and see what advice they have to offer up. It’s likely that many of them are going through the same emotions or have in the past. Be honest and upfront with others about what you’re dealing with and why you’ve come to them for support. Come to the table with questions about why they made a change in the past and how it affected them.

Make A Move

After all of your hard work preparing, it’s finally time to make a move. At some point, you just have to go for it. If the change is buying a new home, call up your mortgage lender and let them know you’re all set to go. They’re on the other end ready to do their job and walk you through the steps. Picture yourself all settled in and enjoying your new place. It’s important to make your move, or you may forever be stuck.


Making major life decisions isn’t easy. It’s understandable you feel apprehensive and unsure. That’s why it’s important to put matters into your own hands. These are ways for how to overcome your fear of change.

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