Why Is Online Marketing Important?

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Negosentro|A company wants to be found. Since most companies are now also active on the internet – or even only active on the internet – online findability is of the utmost importance. Online marketing focuses on marketing a company on the internet. This article gives 9 reasons why online marketing is so important today. To know more about the importance of marketing you can refer at zoetalentsolutions.com

New customers

The most important reason, of course, applies both online and offline: winning new customers. The internet is the best way to reach new customers in relatively little time. It is often cheaper to win new customers online than offline. You save a lot of money because you have a lot of reach in your own hands. Consider, for example, the use of social media such as Facebook and Pinterest for your company. When you create a group of followers, you can also sell your products and services more easily. Gaining new customers through online channels is faster, more efficient and cheaper than offline marketing.

Online marketing

You want to see your invested money back in sales. That is why online marketing is so useful for you. There are all kinds of tools available online to help you analyze data and determine how you can get more out of your website or campaign. An example is Google Analytics, which can map per visitor (and even per click) what a visitor does on your website. This is nice information because it teaches you about the behavior of your visitor.

Reach your target audience

Online marketing gives today’s marketer a very important weapon: tools to reach your target audience faster. In online marketing, you can focus on people who are interested in your services or products (but are not yet convinced), but you can also advertise very purposefully so that only your target group will see your advertisements. Another great thing about online marketing is that you can do “retarget”. With that, you bind people who have been in contact with your products and services before. You approach them again and convince them to buy something from you.

Always available

A store has opening times. When you are just 5 minutes late at the drugstore, you are disappointed. But the other way around, the drugstore should also be disappointed, because he is now missing out on income! Online marketing is aimed at websites that are always available. Day in, day out, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, people can visit your website, use your social media and ask questions. So you are always available and – especially if you respond quickly – will scare a few people away by not being accessible.


A website also has no physical boundaries. When you have a Dutch concept, find that it works, you can easily make the switch to the rest of the world. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who focus on the American market from the Netherlands, but the Chinese and other Asian markets are also very popular. Questions and answers can find each other faster online and that makes it easy for today’s entrepreneurs to trade internationally. And therefore also to earn money internationally.

Is it going wrong? Then it can be so different

Online marketing is a great way to directly test how things work in practice. So when you have undertaken something, you can see in a short time whether this works or not. If that is not the case, you can adjust to a few changes. In this way, every entrepreneur can get the best out of his or her products and services.


People today are so used to quick responses that it becomes increasingly difficult for an offline store to continue to exist. Certainly, busy people would rather order something online than visiting a store. Think of clothing, but also books and films. Gifts for friends and family, Sinterklaas and Christmas … There is trade in everything because it can be done a lot faster via the internet. Be aware that most customers have a smartphone and can, therefore, be in direct contact with you. A plugin on your website that makes it possible to share with you is therefore certainly of added value and surpasses the chat function of many websites.

Online involvement

The involvement through online channels is much greater than through an offline store. Even if you do not see the buyers personally, you come into contact with them in all sorts of ways. Ask them to post a review, share a comment or purchase on social media and you will see a kind of snowball effect develop. Your company or website can stand out in this. Certainly, if you also show commitment to your customers. Respond to their questions, reassure them and meet them. Also occasionally giving something away for free or holding a “share & win” promotion can create a huge commitment to your brand.

Everyone participates

Finally, the great thing about online marketing is that everyone can participate. Everyone can be your customer. Young and old, people at home and abroad, people with many online skills and beginners. But it is also easier to bring people into contact with each other. Collaborations via the online route are therefore easily established. Certainly, if you make optimum use of various forums on websites.


Don’t you do online marketing yet? Do you have a website or an offline business? Then it is important to quickly make the move to digital possibilities. The online world is growing very fast. It doesn’t have to be difficult to do business online, but you have to follow all those above steps for marketing for your business.

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