6 Easy Ways To De-Stress at Work

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    Negosentro|Meeting impossible deadlines, dealing with annoying coworkers, and taking orders from overbearing bosses is enough to give anyone anxiety. However, stress at work can also cause you to lose focus, and not perform to the best of your abilities. Sometimes, a stressful day at the office can affect your home life as well. Here are some ways that you can de-stress at work so you don’t bring your troubles home with you in the evening.

    Take a Walk

    Sometimes, one of the best ways to clear your head is to totally remove yourself from your surroundings. Taking a walk is a great way to get some space from the place and people causing your stress, and it has also been proven to reduce the risk of obesity and heart disease. Even if you only walk for a few minutes, you will benefit from the respite it provides. If you work somewhere that does not have a great outdoor area, simply walking around the building or in the parking lot, if it is safe to do so, could be all that you need for a quick bit of solitude. 

    Try Essential Oils 

    Using essential oils, such as copaiba oil, is a great way to naturally relieve stress and boost your immune system so you feel your best. Essential oils are great for office use because the bottle is typically discrete and easy to store in case of nosy coworkers. Copaiba oil can be inhaled, applied directly to your skin, or dropped under your tongue for a quick boost. It can also be mixed into tea or any other beverage for a pick-me-up at your desk.  

    Have a Healthy Snack

    If you are lucky enough to work in an office that provides food in a common area, take a little break and grab a snack. If food isn’t provided or you aren’t feeling social, stock your desk with fun, healthy options that you can look forward to throughout the day. Even though it is tempting to reach for something sweet, stress eating junk food isn’t the best idea if you want to have a productive work day. Healthier snacks full of potassium, like bananas, have been proven to help with stress and can also improve energy.

    Watch a Video or Play a Game

    If you need a break and time permits, use your computer or your phone to watch lighthearted, fun videos or to play a quick game. A quick laugh while in the midst of a stressful situation could be all that you need to refocus. Just be sure that you do not take advantage and waste large amounts of your day and company resources decompressing.

    Organize Your Work Space

    It may seem silly, but something as simple as a messy desk or work space could be making your anxiety worse. If you can’t find something you need, you may feel totally out of control and completely overwhelmed. Take some time at the end of every day to organize your work space, so you can start every morning at your best. Creating a neat and organized environment will give you the impression that there is some order among the chaos–even if that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  

    Make Lists

    If you juggle many tasks at work, or even if you just have trouble remembering to do things, lists are your best friends. At the beginning of each day, make a list of the things you wish to accomplish, and cross them off when finished. Checking items off of a list is quite satisfying, and watching your list grow shorter as the day goes on will surely make the day a bit easier to get through.  The words “work” and “stress” do not have to be synonymous. Learn what works best for you when you feel like you need a break, and your office days will be much more pleasant. 

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