Online Business through Social Media


by Maria Suzanne Plana | |


Online shopping has become a trend alongside the thriving social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Here are some things you need to know before getting started on an online business:


Know your niche

Knowing your niche or ideal buyer is one of the backbones of every business. To find your niche, it is best to pay attention to current trends and the most profitable market. When you have decided what kind of people you want to be as your customers, focusing on selling your product will come easier.  


Be Unique

Having a unique product is not enough to break the internet. To be recognized in this platform, you must find a new and creative way to market your products online. You can showcase your products by using photos, images, and even relatable funny pick-up lines. With social media, the possibilities are endless!


Upload quality content

Social media is all about the likes and hearts. No one likes a dull page, so make sure to post colorful and clear images of your products. It also wouldn’t hurt to be creative in your product description. Make it short and informative.


Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers

Bloggers are your best friends and since they have a lot of social media followers, this is the best way to help your business be recognized. Send them gifts and you might get featured on their next post!


Be active

Ensure your business’ credibility by constantly engaging in online activities. Promote your products by asking your friends to share or recommend your page. Also, do not forget to post customer feedback, and share product features to encourage future customers.


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