Be productive on a weekend


by Maria Suzanne Plana |

A whole day of sleeping might sound good on a weekend, not unless if you have a lot of workload under your sleeves. To save yourself some trouble, here are a few tips on how to stay motivated and be productive on a weekend:

Wake up early

Whether you like it or not, get out of your bed and wake up early. This makes sure you have enough time to do your work and still have time to enjoy the rest of your day. Grab a healthy and energy boosting breakfast to fuel you up for the tasks you will be facing.

Cold showers

The best way to jumpstart your day is by having a cold shower. This alone is a big help to wake your senses up from the fatigue from last night’s sleep. Nothing beats facing a fresh new day with a good old refreshing shower.

Look forward to the end of the day

Thinking about all the fun that you could or will be having after finishing the tasks at hand is a good way to motivate yourself to be productive. That being said, you will do your work more efficiently and faster so that you can have more time to unwind later on.

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