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Howard Thomas, NegosentroAs a code developer, you are sure to face numerous problems when coding. There are those common software issues that seem to be appearing in multiple application and environments. Some of these problems are mentioned in this article and may be your one-stop access to queries.

Common software problems

Incorrect calculation:

When there are mathematical operators and functions involved, then this is the key determinant. It is a common problem when dealing with date and financial calculations.

Ineffective data edits:

This happens when the data edits in place are working effectively but do not prevent the incorrect data from entering into the system. The problem is as a result of several modifications that have not been planned and coordinated to allow the ease of use.

Inadequate security controls:

This is when there is no control over the unauthorized access to the system. It is when people also seem to perform transactions more than the levels of authorization.

Inadequate performance of the software:

This is when the system tends to have a slow response time. The throughput rates for the transactions will also tend to be slow.

Misleading or confusing data:

This is where the data that the users are shown is correct but the users may not fully know how to interpret the data. This is a grave concern as people have lost their lives due to the failure to take corrective actions based on the information that has been delivered from the computer system.

Hard to use software systems:

Most developers have been faced with the challenge of using software that is difficult to navigate and cumbersome. There are those that need several steps to perform easy tasks.

Obsolete software:

Some software will stop working because of changes of support software or the installation of new hardware. This is a software that is based on functions that are found in the databases of the older versions.

Sites that offer solutions to software problems

When you are coding or developing software, you are likely to be stuck with a bug or problem that cannot be resolved no matter the action you take. When you are in such a situation, you may need platforms that can offer you answers to the questions related to different coding languages, the tools, APIs and also the services. Some of those sites are mentioned below.

  1. StackOverflow

It is a site with over four million users where coders can quickly ask a question on the website or give answers to those who have queries. It has issues in different programming languages, services, and platforms. The system helps the individuals to get answers quickly.

  1. Quora

The site holds informative content shared and created by the users. Most of the replies here are mostly opinions from the experts. The site is valuable when looking for information on software development and programming.

  1. StackExchange

StackExchange is a question and answer community. People get to ask the questions they have, and the professionals get to vote on the posts. This ensures that it is easier to find the helpful answers. You will need to have an account first to get these answers.

  1. CodeProject

This is a website that gives coders helpful news, source codes and information. There are also discussion forums for the developers to share their thoughts and ideas. When you sign up, you will get to post on the discussion boards, ask questions and get updates each week.

  1. Google Groups

This is a service from Google that has communities where people with the same interests can get together, and find help to issues. The site allows you to create a question and answer forum or find one which you can join. You need to find the right group, join and you can then answer or ask questions.

  1. CodeRanch

This is a discussion board for programmers and a great place for the novices to learn the basics of the programming languages. As a novice, you can also post questions to the problems that you are facing. It is easy to register, enter a sub-forum and ask the question or answer those unanswered queries.

  1. Programmers Heaven

This site offers a resource like Question and Answer communities for the software developers. You can be able to get help for multiple languages and applications. The posts are categorized in groups like; Web Development, Programming Languages, and Operating Systems and Platforms.

  1. FindNerd

This is a social network for developers. It is a website to go to when you have a question about the technical aspects of different programming practices and languages. It is both a learning forum and a freelance market. You will just need to register on the site to get started. You can then post some questions and answers and provide some services and get to collaborate with others.

  1. Chegg

It is a resource site where one can get educated. They offer tips and solutions for the students all over the world. Some services that are provided by the site are homework help, online tutoring, advice on careers and internships, and assistance getting the solutions for textbooks. Signing up on the site is free. When you sign up, you can then ask the queries that you have.

  1. Akmal CLI

The Akmal CLI is a solution that gives a new method for the developers to interact with the Akmal cloud delivery configurations. It is like a toolkit one can use to communicate to the Akmal command line. The company hopes to have created a tool that can help developers do their work efficiently and quickly. The company wanted to ensure that the site was flexible to meet the need of all the users, and at the same time maintain their simplicity. They also hoped to make sure that there was consistency on several projects that they were working on.