Get the Most out of Your Business Using an Email Marketing Campaign

Sujain Thomas, NegosentroThe business environment in Calgary is highly competitive. Large brands are competing for the same market with small local companies and if you are not innovative enough, there is real danger of being swept aside. While building a website was previously all you needed to extend your reach in the internet marketplace, you need to get more creative today. To get more out of your online business, you have to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). There are many SEO techniques you can use but one of the most effective is email marketing. If you are struggling to reach your target market or increase your site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs)it is time you learn how you can harness the immense power of email to boost your SEO efforts.

Why Bother about SEO Anyway?

There are many marketers out there who are still running their marketing campaigns out of the SEO realm. This is based on the misconception that Google and other search engines will eventually find your website. Well, a quick look at the top ranking websites proves the power of SEO. These websites invest heavily in SEO services and use the latest tools to identify valuable keywords, write quality copy and market the same, and optimize their social media accounts among other strategies.

Well, 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine and this shows you why SEO should be a priority in your marketing campaign. A recent survey shows that 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the 1st page of SERPs and this should be enough motivation for you to find the best SEO company in town. If you are not ranking highly for your target keywords, you will not reach your target audience and this in turn leads to poor marketing outcomes.

Email Marketing for SEO

With this in mind, you have to start researching the best techniques to drive your SEO strategy. Email marketing might not be at the top of your list but it should be. An eConsultancy Survey in 2016 revealed that75% of companies agree that email offers from good to excellent ROI.

A 2015 Statista report showed that 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they interact with at least one a month. According to a Campaign Monitor data compilation report, email marketing has an ROI of 3800%. It gets better; a McKinsey Survey says that the average order value is 3X more than that of social media. All these numbers highlight the power of email in your marketing campaigns.

There are many ways through which email easily fits into search engine optimization. While the main SEO strategies are either on-page or off-page, there are other ways to complement these broad areas and email marketing fits perfectly. Truth be told, you will find running a fully-fledged in-house email campaign very taxing. This is where the best Calgary marketing companiescome in handy.

When you have a partner in email marketing, you are assured that your campaign will be done professionally to avoid losing potential leads. Among the different ways that email can boost your SEO efforts include:


  • Increasing Customer Engagement


Google is very much interested in enhancing user experience (UX). Websites that offer excellent user experience are getting higher ranking on SERPs and one way to do this is by constantly engaging with your audience. When you have more engaged users, bounce rates go down and these users will keep coming back. Emails are the ideal engagement tool and you will therefore boost your site’s ranking on search when you use this marketing technique.


  • Boosting Traffic Flow


By sending our newsletters containing your older posts, you will increase visibility of your content online and search engines will catch on this. This content is also easily sharable, which again increases traffic to your website. The idea in email marketing is to inspire the recipient to visit your site and if you have exciting content, they will definitely do this.


  • Inbound Links


When you have more links coming to your pages, it enhances your domain’s authority. You can include links on your email content and urge readers to click on the same. Such links not only boost your website’s ranking on SERPs but also increase the flow of relevant traffic to your website.


  • Social Media Integration


Having a large number of followers will not automatically increase your ranking. However, you can include your social media icons in your emails to encourage sharing of high-quality material. Social media is important for increasing brand visibility and also staying engaged with your audience.


  • Building your Brand’s  Reputation


The more visible your brand is on every platform, the better for your SEO efforts. As you send out more emails, your brand grows and with time, you can engage with influencers in your niche.

Email marketing will help you get invaluable insight on your target customers’ behaviours, which you can then use in the SEO campaign. You can also use the same marketing tool to reach a wider market, grow your brand, and increase your brand mentions on social media among other benefits.

Author Bio

Sujain Thomas is an email marketing strategist working with one of the top Calgary marketing companies.  She has experience in digital marketing. Sujain also comments on topical issues in the industry on her blog.