What changes will the next 20 years bring to the photo printing industry

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The print industry has been sluggish of late. The growth has almost waned and currently it vies with the rising digital media for the prime spot in the areas like advertising, entertainment, etc. The global photo printing industry is no exception to that, with their market share growth rate the persistently shrinking in absence of any real commercially strategic breakthrough.  

US$ 16.9 Bn is the size of the market that is the global photo printing. It will be hard for the global merchandising and photo printing market to breach the US$22 Bn in the next 10 years. The compound annual growth rate would drag around 2.6 percent for the period 2018-2028. It is expected though that the market might go up a little riding on the growing popularity of 3D printing technology and rapidly growing user base for smartphones and apps across the globe.

One would figure that smartphones are actually harming the photo printing industry but the reality is far from it. The print market is far beyond the inking on paper. Photos are the perfect example of the fusion between the digital technology and print. And that’s where online photo album maker software comes in. so how do they help the photo printing industry?

What does a photo album book software change about printing photos?

The online photo album software provides a number of growth opportunities for the online photo printing industry. Because simply printing photographs with a few basic touches and a standard 10×15 size isn’t all that will boost sales. Such simple bulk-produced photos haven’t increased in no. in the last few years even though the no. of photos clicked grew substantially. According to Future source, in 2017 1.7 trillion photographs were clicked. Only a small percentage was printed because there is nothing enticing about those photos and therefore not enough incentive to get them printed stored, the photo printing lacks personalization. Customized photo print products on the other hand have a huge potential to grow. It has been forecasted that it will grow by 9 percent till 2021. More the no. of photo printing services is available to the customers like for instance photo album maker software more is the incentives for them to convert their digital clicks into a tangible copy.

Still the photo album printing market has other challenges to face like any other market sector. Over-production of generic albums coupled with a consumer base that’s abandoning ship in search of more appealing options, especially in regions like Europe and US which are the main markets for photo printing industry. To top it off the distribution channels have changed, discount battles are bleeding the already anemic industry and the rise of digital platform, e-books, online information, etc. is further undercutting the market.

Despite all these challenges, the impression created by an actual physical photo album is still unmatched by any PDF portfolio or an internet link to a photo collection. The personality associated with a hardcopy photo album is yet to be emulated by any soft version. The growing no. of photo album creation software is due to this. The ability to create a photo album that’s distinct from the generic offerings in the market and also conveys your theme in a way you deem the best is one of the factors that’s giving longevity to the photo printing market. If you choose an online photo album design software, to create your photo album the amount of personal touch you can add will reflect on your work better and create a deeper and lasting impression.

The photo printing industry in the next couple of decades

In the coming time where the photo printing industry will stand it is hard to say. To look as far as 20 years into the future and predict accurately is also a stretch. Few things are certain though, web to print will play a big role in the revival of the photo printing with tools like photo album builder software that will enable personalization services to the masses. Innovation in both technology and products is key to shaping the photo printing industry over the next two decades. For instance, the growing no. of smartphone users indicate the growing popularity of mobile ordering platforms over the desktop users


Another development in mobile solutions is a web-based platform by Nations Photo Lab that enables all the features on a mobile system, i.e. smartphone without an actual app installation. The next update will reportedly bring a more streamlined album designing process. The photos will be laid out in manner guided by AI instead of the current chronological or random order. Moreover, AI will also help prevent pictures getting cropped disproportionately and speed up the process from 30 minutes to 2 minutes. The future of photo printing industry is hopeful provided the market follows in on the aforementioned trends.

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