New Zealand – an interesting place to live and work

New Zealand - an interesting place to live and work | New Zealand – an interesting place to live and work | New Zealand has for many years been considered an attractive country worth living and working in. For this reason more and more people are looking for opportunities to emigrate. Why? And what is worth knowing if we want to go to New Zealand?

Why is it worth living and working in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country where you can find interesting jobs for many years. New Zealand employers value experience very much, which is why they are happy to hire people who are specialists in their profession. It is this experience that is more important than, for example, a perfect fit for the workplace. That is why many people who want to work in New Zealand show employers recommending from other companies.
Currently, the minimum hourly wage for working in New Zealand is around $ 16.50 and continues to increase regularly each year. Thanks to this, New Zealand is considered a very good country where you can work and develop your career.

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Why is it worth living in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a beautiful country that attracts many tourists. What is amazing is nature. Interestingly, the legend says that New Zealand was made of stones that were left to God after the creation of the world. That is why New Zealand has mountains and glaciers, beautiful lakes and beaches, green lowlands, volcanoes and geysers. Such a variety delights many tourists. The advantage of living in New Zealand is the possibility of being in contact with nature every day. There are not too many tourists here, it is calm.
There are many plants and trees in every city in New Zealand. There are also large parks and beautiful gardens. Importantly, everything is clean, because the residents like order. Many people rest on the grass, and families take picnics. There are no restrictions on walking on the grass. Admission is always free.
People who like peace and many green trees around can decide to go to New Zealand. This country is known for its various monuments and beautiful nature, forests, geysers and parks. It is also a good place to work for specialists and people who want to develop their careers.

New Zealand is a country where professionals can find a good job.

A good profession and education, as well as young age and knowledge of English are important for the possibility of developing a career in this country. The average hourly wage in New Zealand is NZD 27.51 in the private sector and NZD 37.22 in the public sector. Persons over the age of 16 may work. Payments are made weekly or bi-weekly and there is a 40-hour working week.

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