Best Reasons To Learn a Foreign Language In 2021

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Best Reasons To Learn a Foreign Language In 2021 | In order to achieve serious learning outcomes, including the knowledge of foreign languages, everyone must be motivated. Motivation is a conscious desire to achieve a specific goal. Without motivation, the initial enthusiasm passes quickly and the process of learning a new language ceases to be interesting.

Therefore, before you start mastering a foreign language, you need to have a clear idea of how you will use it and what new prospects will open up for you. After all, knowledge of the language contributes to the development of intellectual potential, expansion of worldview, professional growth, respect and recognition among friends and colleagues. So the main reasons why you may want to learn a foreign language:

  1. Successful career. Everyone understands that an employee who speaks foreign languages is valued much higher. Accordingly, the chances of getting a higher position increase significantly. According to statistics, people with knowledge of a foreign language can receive a salary of 20-30% more than others. It is also possible to get a job in a foreign company or go to work abroad.
  2. Possibility of internship or studying abroad. Knowing the language, you can try your hand and do an internship in your specialty abroad. The same is with studying in a prestigious university in another country.
  3. Unlimited access to information. If you choose a language which is used by many people in the world, you get access to all possible kinds of resources everywhere: conferences, forums, seminars, huge amounts of literature, etc.
  4. Satisfaction of own ambitions and aspiration to self-development. If a person is not going to live abroad and does not use language in his career, then it is just his personal victory over himself, expanding his worldview. Also, successfully mastering a foreign language is a great opportunity to demonstrate perseverance in achieving the goal. Learning is also an effective process for training memory.
  5. No language barrier when traveling to the countries where your target language is spoken. You will not need a vocabulary in the hotels, airports, restaurants, museums, so knowledge of their mother tongue automatically solves many problems that a tourist may face while traveling. You can learn much more about the culture, history and traditions of the country you are traveling to.
  6. Having relatives or friends abroad is a great motivation to learn, as it helps you not to lose family and friends, as well as not to have problems communicating with a new family member.
  7. Opportunity to enjoy works of art in the original (books, songs, movies, plays, etc.), so as not to lose the author’s style of work. Knowledge of the language and its constant practice at home greatly facilitates the process of learning it for children, as learning will take place at home and without any pressure.
  8. One of the main reasons for continuing to learn a language is to get the first result. After all, nothing is more motivating than the presence of a successful result in a new case. Gradually, progress will become more noticeable, and further training will take place in an atmosphere of satisfaction. And with each new lesson, the process of mastering the material will be faster, which means you will be closer to your goal.
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