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Traveling around places you’ve never been before can be one of the most fun and memorable experience indeed. For most people, treasuring all the good time they had is what matters the most. And one of the best ways of taking a piece of such memories with you is by bringing home something that you got from your trip. 

Yes, we are talking about souvenirs. Almost every place with a major tourist attraction can host a variety of shops and markets that sell souvenirs for everyone, locals and visitors alike. We all know that a simple set of photos wouldn’t be enough to serve as mementos. That is why you should also take certain items that can be held, wear, or put on display so that other people can greatly appreciate you even more as you tell them your adventures.

But for those who aren’t used to traveling yet, buying the best types of souvenir could be a pretty challenging task especially if there’s a lot of things that you can choose from. Luckily, we got you covered! Here are some of the must-have souvenir items in your shopping list to ensure that you will make the most out of your traveling experience!


  • Artworks


If you love art, then the best souvenir that you can bring back home are any artworks of your choice. It could be art prints, posters, and other travel wall decorations. What’s good about buying random artworks is that you can create a collection from them once you managed to finally travel to other cities as well. While shipping them could be costly, some places can have locations which shops that might offer free or discounted shipping. 


  • Jewelry


Jewelry can be worn at any time and could be used as a good conversation starter. You can try to browse the internet to see if there’s any local jeweler on your destination. The main benefits of purchasing jewelry as your souvenirs are that unlike large artworks, they could fit easily on your luggage, saving you a lot of space and money that could have been allotted to shipping. Take note that some pieces of jewelry can be unique or even exclusive to the place you visited. You can also avail some services wherein you can get your name engraved on the jewelry that you just purchased.

A helpful reminder: Be cautious when buying expensive jewelry. Make sure that the stones or diamonds are certified, and it is sourced legally and responsibly.


  • Food or Drink


Every place can have something to be proud of in terms of food. Since you’re staying somewhere that could be unfamiliar to most of your peers back home, you might want to let them have a taste to its local delicacies. Many tourists nowadays prefer foods and drinks for souvenirs because it helps them relive the sensation that they felt even when they finally arrived at their homes. However, these are not the types of souvenirs that you can consider as long-term, so make sure that the foods that you bring don’t spoil easily.


  • Handicraft


In case you wanted to bring a sense of the city’s local culture, you should opt for their handicraft. Buying handicraft can help a lot especially for the economy and putting some money into the pocket of local artisans.


  • Maps


Unlike the other items on this list, maps are abundant and are fairly easy to find. Aside from being a staple for every tourist, owning a map from the place you visited can be a very good souvenir to bring home as well.


  • Post Cards


While mailing services are now scarcely used, post cards can still serve as a postmark of your travel destination. Most postcards are decorated with images featuring the city’s local structures, and landmarks, so you just got yourself another souvenir.


  • Clothes


Arguably the best and most preferred type of souvenir amongst tourists, clothes like t-shirts can easily remind you of your visit and all the memories that you got while spending your time there.

If you wanted to learn more about these must-have souvenir items, head over to the infographic below by Geotees:

Must have Souvenir Items in your Shopping List

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