MSI GL Series GL63 8RC-077 laptop review

msi gl series gl63 8rc laptop

Obsessed with gaming? Well, if you are looking for some light and thin, excellent for the price, new generation laptop, then your search ends here. MSI GL series is something that’s more like your style and it’s trend is overwhelming growing among the gamers. What makes this laptop a pro are it’s unique specs and stylish design that fits every need. Let’s know more about its stringing features and how it came up as an inexpensive gaming machine.

With the growing craze, the beautiful chassis is visually quite appealing with newer accent marks, more red colors, and other morphological alterations. With improved cooling characteristics by creating space with removal of hard drive has made the ventilation even better than ever.

The base offers quite unparalleled  resistant to twists as well as depressions  while the lid is relatively friable and more prone  to warping precisely down its core. The small hinges are powerful enough to even up their maximum of 150 degrees. Beyond the insanely good specs, the drawbacks lie in the grease and fingerprints which are clearly obvious and problematic to clean. While the parameters are exactly the same as its predecessors, the GL63 has introduced remarkable  visual modifications. Nonetheless, the newer model is lighter than its ancestors to heighten the gaming experience on the move.

Not much has changed as far as the ports are concerned apart from a few minor rearrangements compared to the older generations. With the newer laptops introduced with thunderbolt 3, it is becoming difficult for the GL 63 to cut out the competitive edge.

The latest and budget Intel 9462 M.2 module comes with WLAN and the wireless star Bluetooth 5 which makes up for its unique characteristics.  With a maximum transfer rate of just 433 Mbps compared to 867 Mbps on most Ultrabooks and costly gaming notebooks, it has caught the attention of tech savvy crowd. The untroubled experiences with the connection has made it a pro in the world of gaming.

To begin the fun at ease, a Quick Start guide is packed along with the adopter. Other MSI branded accessories like caps, mice, headsets, along with the laptop are up for grab at an inexpensive budget price with newegg coupons.

Input Devices

Keyboard and Touchpad
With reference to the existing two models in the league, users can conclude satisfactory feedback from the main QWERTY keys while the NumPad keys are a bit spongier. Keys an theMSI GT series are supported by a base that is a bit thinner eventually causing the loss of firmness. The reliable cursor control and multi-touch gestures are completely worth mentioning. The minor hurdles like the missing backlighting and bleeding lights from the edges won’t get you distracted if the smooth-running technology is what you seek.

 The absence of 4K UHD is a great amiss with the model. Since the streaming is limited to 1080p option, it can ignore when the matte screen is clean and offers the amazing screen time.  Whereas the top-notch models have much more to offer, it delivers the best of contrast levels and comparable brightness levels to the competition. Display quality is strikingly similar to bothe the competitors. Gigabyte Sabre 15G and new Dell G5.

Performance is quite similar the yesteryear models. Being an affordable gaming computer, it has everything that a gaming laptop. It now comes with a CPU that supports Hyper-Threading for 8 simultaneous threads compared to its predecessors in the series.
Nvidia Optimus is occluded by default with no option for G-Sync. It also has the advantage of expandable RAM up to 32 GB across two SODIMM slots. It is still recommended to double check the WLAN and update the windows as soon as the purchase is done.

MSI has invested in the quad speakers on the GL62M for two 3 W speakers on the GL63. The results have surprised everyone as sounds quality is amazingly decent even for a low-price model. These speakers don’t give up on quality even on higher volume steering that makes it different from other laptops which don’t come with such powerful sound system. All thanks to the technology that gaming has been made unadulterated and undisturbed with respect to the sounds.

System Noise
 Even with such a lager cooling system, the noise is well taken care of. The fans pulse to a low sound after a while of use. To make your while unobtrusive, the sound is steady and quieter that does not offer any sort of disturbances. The cooling solution is larger than on many other gaming notebooks and it consists of twin fans and seven copper heat pipes. The fans will idle when sitting on desktop and will eventually pulse to a low and unobtrusive 31.6 dB(A) after a few minutes of use. When gaming, fan noise remains  one of the least noisiest which after enabling  Turbo Fan mode will swiftly amp fan noise up to a blistering 56.8 dB(A) irrespective  of onscreen task.

Battery Life
This is what every gamer wants-a long lasting runtime. With most of the changes introduced in the newer model, the only constant feature is the battery capacity. While other costly laptops claims a longer battery life, GL63 turns out to be an average in the run. It takes approximately 2 hours to fuel up itself and delivers the unrestrained WLAN usage for 4-5 hours.

The amazingly innovative cooling system has made it easier for the GL63 to run larger softwares at great ease. Since the price cutting strategy has incorporated many drawbacks and limited its potential but the purchase is still worth your money. It lacks the common luxuries like 4K UHD, RGB lightning and the advances like thunderbolt. Since the main focus lies in the core gaming, it is still sensible to consider this model neglecting its minor discomforts. This gaming laptop incredibly meets up the expectations of every gamer by its subsequent cooling and sustainable turbo boost. Eventually, the high price laptops are sure to be surprised by what it has to teach them. So this laptop has everything to amaze you with its all so new tech boost.