Moving with Pets: Tips for Finding a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Pet-Friendly Apartment

Negosentro.comRenting does not come with long-term commitments such as mortgages, which is why some people prefer it to buying homes. Furthermore, rent covers essential maintenance payments that cost homeowners thousands of dollars. However, renting comes with a downside – not all apartments allow pets on their premises. Here are some tips that will help you to find a pet-friendly apartment:

Start Searching Early

As a pet owner, you will spend more time than other renters looking for an apartment. This means that you need to start your apartment search earlier than usual. Do not wait until your lease is almost up to hunt for an apartment.

Allow yourself at least 6 weeks to check out different properties and find the best one for you. Instead of settling for the first apartment that permits tenants to have pets, you should find an apartment that meets all your needs. When looking at online apartments, you should check whether they allow pets.

Offer Better Deals

When you contact different landlords, you might find that some are undecided about allowing pets on their property. Maybe the property owner understands that you love your pet and want to keep it but is wary because of past experiences. In such instances, you should let your money do the talking for you.

You can offer more money than the landlord is asking for to get him to accept your pet on his property. Of course, you need to proceed with caution when employing this tactic. Do not offer too much money, especially if your financial situation is not stable. Offer several hundred dollars on top of the rent – this money can cover any damage that your pet does to the apartment.

Think of the Needs of Your Pet

Instead of taking the first pet-friendly apartment that you see, you should consider the needs of your pet. What are the specific needs that your pet has? For instance, if you own a dog that requires plenty of exercise, keeping it in a tiny apartment is not a good idea.

Therefore, you need to look at the space surrounding an apartment to ensure that there is plenty of room for your dog to run and play. If the apartment that you are interested in does not have access to such an area, you have to search somewhere else. When you base your apartment search on the needs of your pet, you will cut out many unsuitable apartments.

Invite Your Potential Landlord to Your Current Home

Many landlords have a fear of the unknown – therefore, you should consider inviting a prospective landlord to your current place for a visit. Once he meets your pet and sees how well behaved it is, he might agree to let you move with it. Most property owners soften their hearts once they meet the animal and it stops being an unknown entity.

If the landlord ends up forming a bond with your pet, it will work out even better for you. Moreover, seeing the condition that your home is in might alleviate some of his fears.

Get References

You should get any documentation that proves you are a responsible pet owner. Your prospective landlord will feel more comfortable with your pet when you prove your suitability. Which documents should you get? Your current landlord can write a reference letter to alleviate any fears that your prospective landlord might have.

Some landlords might feel better when your previous landlord confirms that your animal did not cost them money. Does your dog have training certificate? You should use it to convince your landlord that you know how to control your pet.

Finally, you might have to spay or neuter your dog and get the necessary documentation. A sterilized pet is usually calmer than a non-sterilized pet. Therefore, providing sterilization documents will ease the fears that your potential landlord might have about your pet being out of control.


Finding a pet-friendly apartment is difficult because most landlords are wary. To increase your chances of landing the best pet-friendly apartment, you should look for references, start searching early, think of your pet’s needs, offer better deals, and invite your prospective landlord to your current home.


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