Going Above and Beyond to Treat Your Visitors Right: 5 Things You Can Do to Spice Up a Corporate Event

Corporate Event

Corporate events are held for many reasons; to celebrate a company’s success, nurture some good interactions with companies in the same field as well to increase the morale of your employees. A memorable corporate event is all every HR manager would wish for. Planning for it may not be one of the exciting things but the joy you see in your employees after the event is over and done is priceless. Going out of your way, above and beyond and doing things differently is a plus for both the planner and the visitors. We all spend hours and hours working tirelessly and all we’d want is a little change from the norm. After all, too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. To make your corporate event one to never forget, below are some five very helpful tips that you could use to spice up your corporate event.

  1. Chose a unique venue
  2. Provide transport
  3. Bring exciting speakers
  4. Have DJ’s on board
  5. Games

Having mentioned the five ways that you as a Human Resource Manager can use to spice up your corporate event, let us, therefore, delve into each and every one of the above points.


  • Chose a unique venue


Conventionally, corporate events are known to be held in hotels. It is a norm that has been there for ages. Doing things differently could see your event turn out to be one of the best ever. Avenue itself creates a certain ambience. For any Human Resource Manager or officer, choosing the right venue for your next corporate event could make or break you. A venue should go hand in hand with the theme of the event. If your event is not one those serious events where men are forced to choke themselves with ties and ladies squeeze themselves in tight dresses, do things differently. Some unique venues can be casinos, private villas or beach houses. Travelling to these venues can at times prove to be quite problematic hence the need for transportation. Luxury transport sees to it that you arrive at your venues safe and sound while at the same time not compromising on luxury. This company is one of the best of its kind, providing luxury transport services across Europe.


  • Provide Transport


Providing transport; to and fro for visitors attending your corporate event is not something new but it never goes out of fashion. Providing transport for attendees of the event will surely leave them feeling some type of way; special. Remember, you’re doing things differently and want to make the event as memorable as possible. Providing taxis as a means of transport is a bit of a cliché. How about providing some executive transport? Limousines and luxury coaches will surely work for you as it is not every day’s occurrence.


  • Bring Exciting speakers


Bringing an exciting speaker(s) on board can be a game changer. Don’t just bring any speaker who deems himself/ herself as exciting while they’re actually not. Bring an exciting speaker, a speaker that understands the persons in the corporate world, a speaker that can relate well with the audience a speaker who will put smiles across faces of the most serious of persons. A comedian can work for you but he/she MUST have a deep understanding of the audience. Bringing an exciting speaker is one big plus but bring an exciting speaker with whom the audience is comfortable around is another win for you. Boring speakers could ruin your corporate event and it could be remembered for all the wrong reasons.


  • Have DJ’s on board


A Dj can learn the crowd and the type of music the audience loves as the event progresses. He/she can change the entire event into something mega and memorable. Dj’s are a key component of your corporate event. When in sync with an exciting speaker, your event will be nothing short of success. He’ she should pay close attention to the audience. Interacting with the audience will also allow the Dj to have a better understanding of the type of music the audience loves. He/ she can accept song requests from a few persons. If the audience is hyped up, it’s a wrap! Everyone will with no doubt be looking forward to such an event.


  • Games


Games to have been in the corporate world for quite some time. Other than sitting all through the event and having to listen to ‘boring’ speeches, games are one sure way of spicing up your event. Games foster good and lasting relations between your employees or visitors from other companies. Games also enhance the importance of communication in the corporate world. They bring out that community spirit and the need for working as a team. Many people love trivia games as they tend to be a bit competitive and everyone would want to prove themselves. Challenge games such as tug-of-war and potato-sack-race can also work for you and your visitors as well. With challenge games, you can randomly group your visitors. This will ring out the teamwork aspect of games and even better, enhance it. Rewarding winners will also motivate each and as no one would want to lose. To read more on games that corporate events ought to have click here.  


The secret to a successful corporate event is being unique and outdoing yourself. Remember, as an HR manager, your sole job is to make sure that your team is happy. Happy employees will for sure perform optimally. Visitors from other companies will indeed notice the effort you put into making that corporate event a success. A successful corporate event will leave your visitors happy and yourself as well. It is a win-win situation. There are other vital factors that contribute immensely to a successful corporate event. For instance, during the customer appreciation week, having a funny dress code that everyone should adhere to can also make your corporate event memorable not to mention fun. Apart from Corporate work seminars and meetings where attendees have to behave ‘modestly’, other corporate events ought to be filled with laughter and fun. It’s a great way of relieving stress. Such events will see to it that attendees live a much fulfilling life and yearning more of such occasions. For a long time, corporate events have been a dime a dozen but with the above 5 tips, you can make your event one to reminisce.