Mileage Matters: 10 Dangerous Mistakes Made by Newbie Concealed Carriers

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The pistol is in disassembled form lying on the table. The cleaning process. a ramrod, oil, cartridges on a wooden table. | Mileage Matters: 10 Dangerous Mistakes Made by Newbie Concealed Carriers | When you make a mistake while owning a gun, the consequences can be irreversible. Owning a firearm adds an entirely new set of responsibilities to your lifestyle. New and current users should always reference the information from an online concealed carry education. It’s both the start and end point to understanding gun ownership. 

1. John Wayne Syndrome

Carrying a gun can have the weird effect of heightening your paranoia. You are protected from danger, so you’ll naturally look for anything out of the ordinary. Avoid any fantasy showdowns by using common sense and situational awareness. 

2. Brandishing

Brandishing is a big one, and is a mistake that also affects seasoned gun owners. You should never take out your firearm unless you’re ready to use it. Brandishing is a serious offense, and is responsible for the suspensions of thousands of gun licenses. 

3. Holster Type

Getting the wrong holster type is dangerous. Your gun won’t be fastened properly, and can easily flop around while walking. Whenever you need to unholster it, the wrong holster type can make the draw difficult. 

4. Carrying the Wrong Gun

Every gun doesn’t qualify as legal for concealed carrying. You can’t pick the gun you like best and assume that it’s okay to carry in public. Every county has their own set of gun rules, and you’re obligated to follow them all. 

5. Not Locking the Safety

This is the type of mistake that can cost lives. Your safety should be on at all times, especially when carrying in public. Check before leaving the house, and check again if you have doubts. 

6. Leaving Your Gun in The Restroom

Before you leave the restroom, always check for your keys, wallet, smartphone and gun. The order doesn’t matter, but these are the things that tend to get left behind. While using the restroom, it can be easy to forget even the smallest of details. 

7. Carrying While Angry

There are personal events in an individual’s life that may lead them to getting a gun. Even after going through training, that anger is still boiling over. When your mental state isn’t clear, carrying a concealed weapon is a bad idea. 

8. Show and Tell

A gun isn’t a toy, and it should never be passed around to impress people. Try to resist the ‘show and tell’ urge when someone asks to see your gun. It’s a small sacrifice to make to guarantee everyone’s safety. 

9. Failure to Deescalate

De-escalation is an important lesson you learn about carrying a firearm. When you are aggressive towards a hostile person, you become part of the problem. Defense is the key, especially when you’re carrying a gun. 

10. Bragging

Bragging has been the downfall of several new gun owners. When you get your first firearm, showing it off on social media is probably not a good idea. If the world knows you’re armed, then the concealed part of your carrying is less effective. 

Wrap Up

A LTC is an important part of your personal defense. Handle it intelligently, and it will take care of you for life. By avoiding the common mistakes, the big ones can never happen. 

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