Memorial Service: How to Plan It for a Loved One, Without Hassles

Memorial Service
Image source: | Memorial Service: How to Plan It for a Loved One, Without Hassles | It’s always heartbreaking to part with someone forever, as people are a significant part of everyone’s life. Meanwhile, about 50,000 funerals are performed in Queensland and Brisbane every year, and about 44% of the funeral service in Brisbane are burials. The other options that people opt to send off their deceased loved ones are through single-service cremations and full-service cremations. Direct cremations have also been introduced locally since 2015.

The loss of a loved one, no matter how old they were, is a profoundly emotional experience tremendously affecting the life of family and friends. Organising a proper funeral can help them grieve and begin the healing process together. The families must make the necessary funeral service arrangement for those who have not made their funeral desires known. These are some steps that they could consider while planning a funeral service.

Decide on Burial or Cremation

The first choice that families have to make about conducting a funeral is to decide whether they would cremate or bury the deceased. Burial is a conventional mode of service mostly seen among Australians. However, cremation is becoming a preferred choice for many in Brisbane due to its economic nature. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient choice. Some also opt for non-traditional, secular and humanist forms of funerals where they opt to celebrate the life lived by the deceased.

Determine the Place of the Funeral

If burial is the form of funeral that the family has chosen for the deceased, then they must determine where their resting spot would be. It could be a family plot or a cemetery built for the public. If they have chosen cremation, they would have to find the right place that provides cremation services that suit their needs. Some also opt to bury the cremated remains in an urn.

Find a Funeral Director

Having an experienced funeral director who is empathetic can be helpful with the grieving process. Some families opt to have priests or funeral directors close to the family to provide a personal touch to the service. The funeral directors usually take care of the details of the service, allowing the family to mourn in peace. One can find the right funeral director through personal recommendations or trusted funeral services to guide the families through the process.

Set a Budget

It is a reality that funerals cost a significant amount. Therefore, before zeroing in on the finer details of the funeral, one must have a good understanding of the costs of the arrangements and their budget fit. There is a price difference between burial and cremation, the casket used, the size of the service, number of people involved, food, music, transport etc. Many also would have opted for funeral or burial insurance to cover the expenses, which the families must look into. This is a vital part you must consider and there are many ways you can find more information on insurance for this matter online, AARP Final Expense Insurance and similar sites provide everything you need to know.

Arrange the Transportation

A hearse is the most common form of transportation that people opt for when carrying caskets. But some families also opt for other non-traditional modes of transportation like horse-down carriages, floats and more based on the tradition they follow and how they want to honour the deceased. They can also customise the procession based on their needs.

Arrange the Post-Ceremony Gathering

Commonly, loved ones hold a gathering for the friends and families of the deceased for a chance for them to grieve, exchange memories, pleasant thoughts and words of comfort during difficult times. It is not an obligation. The size, scope, and option of holding the gathering are upon the wishes of the deceased and their families.

A professional funeral service in Brisbane can help guide them during these solemn times and provide a meaningful farewell to their loved ones without families having to go through the hassle.

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