The Most Common Cardiovascular Disorders

The Most Common Cardiovascular Disorders | The Most Common Cardiovascular Disorders | Cardiovascular health entails your heart and blood vessels health. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases are usually fatal and a primary cause of death when not treated on time.

Ariel Soffer MD, FACC is a board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist at the Soffer Health Institute. He specializes in providing extensive and high-quality care in diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular conditions and vein issues. If you are looking for a cardiology expert or vein specialist, contact Dr. Soffer for the exceptional care you deserve.

Dr. Soffer offers various cardiovascular services, including:

Varicose veins

Do varicose veins make you feel insecure and not beautiful enough? Dr. Soffer has all your solutions. He uses advanced and the most recent techniques to treat twisted veins and promote your health.

Varicose veins are bulging or enlarged veins that occur due to a damaged valve leading to weakened blood vessel walls that cause blood to flow backward.

Varicose veins can also occur due to obesity, genetics, pregnancy, and deep vein thrombosis. They are usually common in legs with symptoms such as:

  •       Itching
  •       Leg cramps
  •       Skin discoloration

At Soffer Health Institute, Dr. Soffer offers various varicose veins treatments including, endovenous ablation, sclerotherapy, and surgery.

Swollen legs

Swollen legs are usually an indication of an underlying health issue, hence seeking immediate medical attention. Regularly swollen legs result from fluid buildup in leg tissues due to circulatory problems or kidney dysfunction.

In addition, swollen legs can also occur due to:

  •       Heart disease
  •       Blood clots
  •       Deep vein thrombosis
  •       Inflammatory disease
  •       Chronic venous insufficiency

Most regularly, swollen legs worsen after you walk or stand for an extended period.

During your consultation, Dr. Soffer first carries out a thorough diagnosis to determine the root of your issue and create an individualized treatment plan.


Cardiology is among one of the expert fields of Dr. Soffer. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of various heart-related conditions. The team focuses on using minimally invasive techniques to treat your disease and enhance your body’s natural healing ability.

 Some of the conditions Dr. Soffer treats include:

  •       Chest pain
  •       Congestive heart failure
  •       Valve dysfunction
  •       Irregular heartbeat
  •       Chronic heart diseases

They also offer extensive care for heart attacks.

Dr. Soffer recommends various customized treatments, including lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise counseling, stress reduction techniques, and smoking cessation resources.

Vascular problems

Vascular problems involve issues affecting your vascular system, including veins, arteries, and capillaries. The most common vascular problems include:

  •       Stroke
  •       Blood clots
  •       Aneurysm
  •       Spider veins
  •       Atherosclerosis

Dr. Soffer and his highly skilled team use the latest techniques to provide a customized treatment plan for your condition.

Leg pain

Leg pain can occur due to several reasons, including an underlying chronic circulatory problem. Dr. Soffer conducts a comprehensive diagnosis to determine the cause of your leg pain and create a personalized treatment plan.

Contact a cardiology specialist today

Cardiovascular conditions are risky and usually a major cause of death. It is critical, therefore, to seek immediate medical attention to prevent complications and save lives. If you have any cardiovascular disease, consider consulting Dr. Soffer today for early treatments and improved health.

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