Maximising the Use of Promotional Shirts to Lift Your Business

Promotional Shirts Custom T-Shirts

Using shirts for advertising is nothing new. Businesses used this strategy in the past to appeal to many people. Customers love receiving something for free. The problem is that the recipients are not necessarily the best people to accept the shirts. Some might even end up not using the shirts at all.

It is essential for business owners to determine who will receive the shirts and when they are going to receive the shirts. If you are going to invest in customised t-shirt printing, you will be spending a lot of money. You want to make it worth the effort.

Give free shirts during a trade show

When given the opportunity to advertise during trade shows, you need to bring free shirts to give out to those who are potential customers or who showed interest in buying what you have to offer. You are also showing your appreciation for their interest and hope that you could bring them to the fold in the future. Besides, a trade show is a showdown between different companies. Giving free shirts is a way for you to stand out.

Target inactive customers

You need to consider inactive customers because they were already a part of your group before. They understand your products, and you need to reactivate them. Giving free shirts could be a significant opportunity to make them reconsider your products. You can send them shirts by mail along with flyers and other marketing materials.

Create a social media contest

You can combine two marketing strategies- social media and promotional merchandise. If you can come up with a game that allows a lot of people to join in, they will try their best. It is even more enticing if you are handing out a limited edition shirt. The competition could create enough noise that even those who did not know about your products before will feel compelled to give them a look. Make sure though that the competition is reasonable enough and it is not too difficult for ordinary people to participate.

Give shirts at sponsored events

You can maximise another event to your advantage. For instance, if an organisation is hosting a charity event, you can sponsor it provided that you can hand out free shirts. When there is media coverage during such events, you further increase the number of people who will know more about what you have to offer.

Bundle shirts with popular products

Using this strategy is a sure-fire way to allow loyal customers to receive promotional merchandise. Since they are going to buy your products anyway, you can take it a step further by asking them to buy more in exchange for free shirts. Make sure that they do not feel like they are paying for the shirts because of their decision to purchase the bundles.

With these strategies, you can give free shirts to the right people and boost the popularity of your company in the process.

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