9 Ways Social Media Can be an Effective Tool to Write Researches

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Aditya Singhai, Negosentro |  Communication has always been a comprehensive yet complex tool for all generations. Writing research is a painful process that involves an individual to convert thoughts and ideas into words that can be easily understood by others.

Please note that the writing is a process to translate ideas from a writer to a reader smoothly. Only when this happens, the overall mission of writing an essay is said to be achieved.

Technology, too, plays a crucial role in facilitating this transition of thoughts from one person to another. Social Media has become one of the most significant assets of our time. If utilised wisely it could prove a big boon for your writing skills and will help refine your thoughts into words. Should you want a reader to get interested in reading your work, you can use social media as a useful tool in some of the following ways mentioned below:

  1. Using the aid of Online Survey

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can conduct an actual survey with the help of social media tools. Usually, stats and figures are required to prove your arguments during dissertation writing. One can create questionnaires and post it up on to a survey platform and encourage people to fill those forms. Not only is this method cost-effective, but also time-effective. Sites such as SurveyPlanet, smartsurvey and Survey Monkey are some of the excellent survey creating tools that one can use.

Make your presence felt in relevant pages and groups

Through the passage of time, social media has become an extremely customizable tool that you can use as per your convenience. For e.g., if your research is relating a nursing course, you can produce a group that caters specifically towards the aspects of the nursing course.

With the creation of a community page, you can invite people of similar interest to be a part of it. This strategy will help you in getting introduced to new ideas. It will give you a fresh set of knowledge to understand other perspectives about the research. If a lot of experts join the group, they might also give you sound guidance on the way the dissertation should be prepared.

Networking with Professionals

Try and get in touch with as many experts who can assist you in completing your dissertation. So, where do you find such expertise? LinkedIn is one such platform that can help you connect with the relevant experts you require to complete your writings. Connecting through such a powerful medium not only helps you save time travelling and meeting people but also gives you multiple options who can help you aid in providing valuable insights to your research.

In the event of you finding it difficult to write your dissertation, you can always look for online writing help in dissertation using this platform. Various service providers can help you write the dissertation for a stipulated fee.

Receiving help from little-known platforms

You can map the power of social media with the mere fact that you can receive help from various sites and platforms. Just by clicking the right keywords, and being specific with your wants, you can achieve a comprehensive data of research. Also, you will be surprised to know that you are likely to receive help regarding the dissertations from the unlikeliest of sites – be it tutorial sites, or a complete guide that you can download as pdf. Various communities being formed can also help you achieve your target of creating a comprehensive dissertation.

Exploiting social media tools for writing

A dissertation should be concise, precise, and should achieve the purpose of making others understand your views. To help you fulfil your objectives, there are various tools for effective writing available online. For example, Bubbl.us tool enables you to create templates for mapping and share it for review. NewsCred gives a lot of insight of images, and articles needed for writing your essay. Shareist is another tool that will help you in content creation.

Accumulating data with status update

Does your dissertation require random sampling? Or do you need responses based on public responses? You can obtain these facts and figures through social media. You would only have to use the social platform to update the status.

For example, you could post something like how many people work in the field related to marketing’, and numerous people could vote for the question. It would give you a roundabout number for your stats.

Making use of Content and Discovery Tools

To narrow and fine tune your writing skills, tools such as Wefollow, Google Keyword Planner and Reddit are quite popular. You can use these tools to abstract information or get inspired to write the content of your choice.

Organizing Tools and Time Management techniques

There are a lot of organisers can be used for your convenience so that you can stay on track for completing your dissertation. A to-do list can also be maintained easily. Some of the tools like MindNote, Pocket, and Evernote are some of the tools that help you achieve the purpose.

Engaging with Online tutorial materials

Various sites offer extensive help to aid you as to how research and dissertation should be carried out. It will enable you to precisely stick the relevant content and give you an idea as to how the dissertation should be presented. You can refer to this site to have a better understanding.

Utilising all these tips with a combination of smart planning and strategising will help you achieve success in writing a formidable dissertation. They will not only help you enhance the understanding of your topic thoroughly but also help you make others understand your viewpoint through the robust writing technique.

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