Managing Your Laboratory Workflows with SaaS LIMS | Managing Your Laboratory Workflows with SaaS LIMS | Perhaps you’ve heard about SaaS LIMS and wondered what this web-hosted software system brings to your Laboratory. The name SaaS stands for Software as a Service, and It’s a licensed system for Laboratory Information Management that operates on web hosting subscription.

Unlike the on-site installed systems where you have to purchase a license, SaaS LIMS has a provision for either a monthly or annual payment basis. Therefore, it exists on a provider’s server instead of being hosted at your lab. Any access to this SaaS LIMS is through the web.

What Does SaaS LIMS Offer

Implementing LIMS as a primary data management system for your laboratory is proven way that elevatesthe efficiency of Lab operations. The introduction of sample controls and data management means your Laboratory has streamlined workflows and improved quality controls that are key in laboratory performance measurement.

The SaaS Laboratory Information Management System steps in by further elevating these benefits realized by LIMS. It brings a dynamic touch of cloud-based computing power that offers robust data-backup options.

Why SaaS LIMS Is Good for Laboratory Data Management

There are unlimited advantages that come with using SaaS LIMS as your primary Laboratory data management system. They include;

It Has Pre-Configured Workflows

SaaS LIMS provides you with authenticated and pre-configured workflows that will effectively support your laboratory operations. These are defined by the provided processes that are in line with your Laboratory’s best practices. The configured workflows are designed in a way that allows them to work for everyone in the laboratory.

Using the SaaS LIMS solution reduces the time spent to document and observe adherence to Laboratory best practices. This is because all the processes involving samples and trackingcome in-built into automation.

Has A Rapid Deployment Time

SaaS offers you the best option if you want a system that will fully be operational within a short stint. The system takes a short time to go live mainly because it focuses more on reinforcing the Laboratory’s universal best practices.

With SaaS,the need for custom development time, validation time, and other processes are significantly eliminated in favor of rapid utilization of the system.

Comes with A Provision for Validation of Upgrades

When you buy a SaaS subscription, there’s an inclusion of certified upgrades that conform with the best workflow practices. The system allows you to save on the costs of paying for upgrades and other maintenances. 

SaaS LIMS is also kept completely up-to-date with the latest system upgrades. Therefore, you are only left to worry about your laboratory operations.

It Offers a Secure Environment for Your Data

SaaS LIMS gives you a glimpse of what the best data security in Laboratory workflow looks like. The system offers the highest security standards that are expressed both within the application and at set-up levels. 

You’ll find in the system advanced security features like end-to-end encryption and role-based permissions. With all of them, you can be sure no invader shall be able to accessyour laboratory data.

Final Thought

Cloud-based systems are always known for their enhanced security features and efficiency. This is why you need SaaS LIMS as a primary data management system in your Lab. It is doubtless that the system will increase efficiency in operations across your lab while also decreasing operating costs.