Making Your Passion for Health and Wellness Into a Career

Health and Wellness Into a Career
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Negosentro | Making Your Passion for Health and Wellness Into a Career | Whether it’s sales, nutrition coaching or personal training, there are many ways to get involved in the health and wellness industry. If fitness and wellness are your passion and goal, here are some ideas on how you can be a part of the world’s growing fitness industry. 

Become a Wellness or Nutrition Coach

If you’re interested in the health and wellness side of the fitness industry, consider getting involved as a wellness or nutrition coach. Helping others understand how food functions in their body and what eating healthy really means can be extremely rewarding. There are many programs and certifications you can get online if you want to be a nutrition or wellness coach. 

The more important and more challenging work here is to gain the trust of clients. Make sure you really know what you’re talking about and that you practice what you preach. If you’re not in good shape, others aren’t going to trust you to help them get results. Having a proven track record of helping others get results will also help you gain clients.

Work as a Brand Representative for a Nutrition Company

If sales is more your style, there are many ways you can get involved in being a brand representative for products that have great health benefits. This type of sales is great, because you’re helping others get more healthy without having to do a lot of detailed work on nutrition coaching. Plus, this sort of job is flexible and works around your life.

 Le-Vel Thrive reviews are positive, and it sounds like a fun and welcoming company to work for, if you’re looking for a health and wellness sales company to get involved with. Le-Vel is a direct sales business that sells a three part system called the Thrive Experience. It consists of shakes, multi-vitamins and patches. All components work together to optimize weight loss and improve cognitive ability while giving the body the fuel and nutrients it needs.

Become a Coach

If you’re considering something on the fitness coaching side of the industry rather than the nutrition and wellness side of it, fitness instruction may be for you. To be a fitness instructor, you should have a passion and talent in a physical activity and want to help others. Whether it’s functional fitness or MMA, there’s an opportunity to share your talent and help make other athletes better. The range of classes you can teach is so large, there’s definitely a way for you to get involved.

Many instructors start out as athletes in the sport they’re coaching. They simply find they have an interest in the sport, along with some athletic talent, while playing. This means there’s no need to have a long and extensive background, although that can help. 

To get started, look  up what type of certification the class you want to teach requires and make a plan. You may need to take a course and do some hours of shadowing or guest teaching before you’re fully certified. If you’re a practicing athlete, talk to your gym owner about getting started. If you can’t assist at your current gym, the owner will know others in the community who can find a spot for you. 

Coaching in traditional sports is an option as well. Whether it’s volleyball or hockey, you can get involved with a team or for one-on-one practice with student athletes. If you’re looking to get involved with a school or club team, check school and sport-related websites for opportunities. If you want to provide one-on-one coaching, it’s still beneficial to get involved at the team level so that other coaches and athletes are familiar with you and can recommend you. Make sure your resume is up to snuff. Individuals on teams are going to be looking for someone they know they can learn from, so that they can genuinely improve their game. 

Whether it’s nutrition coaching, sales or fitness instruction, there’s a way you can combine your passion and talents for wellness and be a part of the health and wellness industry.