Loans 101: How Does FundKo Work?

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Mitzi Ilagan, Negosentro | Loans refer to money, material things, or properties lent to another person or party which are to be paid back with interest. It usually has different terms, including the number of months or years to repay, how much the interest would be, or the method of payment.

Among the many types of loans, the ones which are usually applied for are personal loans and business loans. You may use the funds for varied reasons but only after being qualified to apply and having the loan approved. Usually, banks are stringent with the guidelines and rules, that’s why some resort to other lenders such as independent companies or online platforms such as FundKo.

FundKo is an online peer-to-peer lending platform in the Philippines. It connects verified lenders and borrowers through the website

FundKoAs a lender, FundKo becomes your investment platform as you become a verified lender. As you bring in funds through FundKo, the whole amount would be diversified across several loans so as to lessen the risk. You get your money back plus the interest at the end term of the loan. And if you think that it has become a really productive investment, you could reinvest the money instead of withdrawing it.

If you are an interested borrower, all you have to do is sign up at Once you’ve activated your account through the confirmation message sent to your email, you can now send in the necessary information for verification.

And once your account is verified, there would be no need for you to go to their office to present your documents because you just need to upload those to the platform. A credit investigation would follow, and then when you’re approved, you may now get the funds from the verified lenders.

FundKo offers various loan types such as personal loan, maternity loan, cashback loan, business loan, and working student or continuing education loan. Through FundKo, you can apply for a loan even without a collateral or co-maker, but it is highly recommended for a higher chance of getting approved and for lower interest rates.

Through FundKo, your experience would be easier and less intimidating because most of the processes are done online. As a verified member, you could access a dashboard where you could upload and manage your documents.

So, if you’re looking for a better, easier, and more convenient way of having funds to finance your needs, apply for a loan through Fundko today!