List of Free WordPress Plugins For E-commerce Marketing


Jason Daszkewicz, Negosnetro |  In fact, E-commerce marketing is a strategic procedure used by the digital marketing professionals to increase the awareness of E-commerce brands and boost its sale by leaps and bounds. For this, SEO professionals use digital marketing techniques.

These days, a good number of individuals use WordPress to run E-commerce websites and make revenues. They apply the same technology to boost their site’s visibility on the web and make progress in the E-commerce business.

If you run a WordPress E-commerce website, you can use E-commerce marketing plugin to perform SEO assignments easily and quickly, boost your site’s ranking on the web, meet the growing demands of customers, and ensure the smooth selling of your products. See some good options detailed here below:


  • Woocommerce Google Feed Manager

Google uses a number of factors to evaluate different E-commerce websites/web-pages and determine their ranking in its SERP. It doesn’t matter how well you have optimized your product pages, Google will not display them in its search results if they violate its shopping rules.

So, just use the Woocommerce Google Feed Manager plugin to add up to 100 products from your Woocommerce store to a product feed setup and boost the ranking of pages in search results. Just install this plugin on your website and submit your product feed to Google merchant center. It will help you to display products in Google shopping and increase your revenues by leaps and bounds.

  1. Affiliates Manager

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to get more traffic to your website and sell more products/services to the interested customers. With the help of this plugin, you can easily track the performance of all your affiliates and get real-time reporting about their actual performance. It also enables you to customize your affiliate registration form and attract more clients who are interested in doing affiliate marketing for your E-commerce website and help you earn more business opportunities.


It is one of the best WordPress plugins for E-commerce websites. It is the real pal of all those new and experienced SEO professionals who face problems in E-commerce website optimization. Indeed, optimizing E-commerce websites is not a child’s play. Just a single Google update can downgrade the ranking of your E-commerce website and force you to experience the loss of Millions of $dollars.

This plugin helps you to optimize your E-commerce website in the right way and ensure a 285% increase sales, leads, etc.

  1. YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp

This plugin works as a helping hand for all those individuals who use Email marketing to increase the number of subscribers, brand awareness, and sales. It automatically captures the details of interested customers with an opt-in form and adds the collected data in your site’s database. This helps you a lot in Email marketing and you become able to drive more traffic to your website and sell more products to existing and new buyers.

  1. Messenger Marketing for WooCommerce

In the E-commerce business, frequent communication between entrepreneurs and customers matters a lot. It results in the removal of customer’s concerns and they buy products from a specific E-commerce brand frequently. This plugin promotes communication between the E-commerce website owners and customers.

It automatically sends reminders to customers about their Abandoned Cart Notifications, Order Confirmation, Parcel Tracking, etc, and keep them informed about the actual status of their orders. With its help, SEO professionals can run Auto-Campaigns and Customisable Scheduled Campaigns to boost the sale of E-commerce products by leaps and bounds.

  1. Divvit e-commerce analytics

This Plugin is a boon for All SEO professionals who reel under the pressure to boost the performance of E-commerce website. With this helpful plugin, you can easily track the performance of your website and get instant reports about it. It helps you to know your strong and weak points. You can work on your weak points and remove them as soon as possible to increase the sale of your E-commerce products.

  1. WP-eCommerce shop to Facebook

We all know that Facebook helps entrepreneurs to increase awareness about the brand and grow sales. You can use this plugin to take your E-commerce business to the WordPress forum and turn your subscribers into loyal premium customers. It also helps you to exploit the potential of other social networking websites a well for the benefits of the E-commerce business.

Final Words

E-commerce business is booming in today’s heavily digitalized and modern world wherein tech-savvy people turn to different E-commerce websites to buy the much-needed products. The visibility of the E-commerce websites on the global internet depends on the quality of E-commerce marketing. If you are looking for Free WordPress plugins to use for E-commerce websites, these are some excellent options. You can use these Free WordPress plugins to automate the E-commerce marketing activities and boost your E-commerce business by leaps and bounds.

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