Life Lessons that ‘After You’ Taught Us

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Jojo Moyes’ sequel to her bestselling Me Before You is another book that taught us life lessons together with its main character, Louisa. Read how After You can teach you how to live your life after struggle.

Louisa is a young caregiver who fell in love with her quadriplegic patient, Will, but chooses suicide over a life of invariable pain. A lot was curious on how Louisa continued her life after Will’s death so Jojo Moyes wrote a sequel, After You. This one is totally different from the first book; this one is a blissful happy ending.

1. The art of moving on

It was eighteen months after Will’s death, Louisa still thinks about Will, what could’ve been and what she could’ve done more for him to live. But on this book, she strives to cope by attending a rehab-group with other individuals who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones. Here, she learns from other people’s insights to accept the loss of a special someone. By the end of the book, she fully accepts the fate that Will has chosen and just kept in her heart the memories and experiences she had with Will.

2. Perseverance

Louisa didn’t sulk in the corner of her room. She still worked for herself every waking day. Louisa has been an expert on this. Even at times, she hates her job, she is remains strong and can handle the stress and her workmates. She even met an accident by falling from the rooftop, but still, after healing, she gets back up to work.

3. Compassionate

Again, Louisa is an ever compassionate individual. When Lily, daughter of Will, came into her life, she took her in. The young adult was so curious to learning about her father she didn’t know she had. Despite of Lily’s unique personality, she tried to help her any way she can. Sometimes, being compassionate to others can be rewarding in the end.

4. Accepting new love

Louisa opened her heart to new love when she met Sam. At first, she was afraid, she was even undecided of her relationship to “Ambulance Sam.” He was one of the rescuers of Louis when she fell from the rooftop. After the confusion that Sam has a son, their relationship grew stronger. She let Sam into her life even if he knows that she still didn’t get over Will.

5. Grabbing second chances

Because of her absences, Louisa got fired by her employer at the bar. But she badly needs her job again since she just turned down her opportunity to work in New York. She expressed herself to her employer and got her job back with a higher position. When her problems with Lily has been resolved and when Sam recovered from a shooting incident, she and her group that she joined in did a simple celebration of acceptance after their life’s mourns and hardships. She was also encouraged by Sam to ask the employer from New York again to try if the position is still open. She grabbed that second chance, a chance to live in New York, a chance to try something new again.


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