LED Signs for Your Business

LED Signs for Your Business
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LED Signs for Your Business | There is a lot to be said for having an arresting feature that makes your business stand out to visitors. If – like many businesses today – you operate from a business park it is likely the buildings are uniform. That’s no good if you want to make an impact and get people to notice you! Equally important is enabling visitors to see your premises and reach them more easily. What’s the answer?

A lovely bright LED sign of your company name or logo that shines above all others in the business park! Even if you’re on a high street LED signs are the way to make an impact. So why are we talking LED rather than neon? Let’s have a look!

Why LED is Replacing Neon

Neon lights are much loved by many and collected by people across the world. From Las Vegas to Honk Kong, the neon sign has been a staple of the landscape in many cities. However, neon – while safe as a gas – is not cheap and the signs became expensive to maintain. This is why LED signs are fast replacing neon as the choice for businesses to get their brand seen in bright lights. 

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting’ Diode’. This is a form of light that is unlike any other. When a diode has an electric current put through it, it glows. It also takes very little in the way of energy to do so. LED signs are surprisingly cheap to run not only when compared to neon but also to many other light forms used in commercial signs. More interesting is that LED can be made to glow in a variety of colours, making it more versatile.

Should you choose neon or LED? You should choose LED if you want the up to date, energy efficient sign that will make your business stand out. Does this mean the end for neon signs? Not necessarily.

Are Neon Signs Still Available?

The history of neon signs is an interesting one and begins in Europe in the early 20th century. The first neon signs used commercially were seen at the Paris Motor Show in 1910, and they took off almost immediately. America embraced the neon sign as did many other countries.

You can still buy neon signs today, but the simple fact is they are expensive to make and use a gas that we really should be moving away from. The collector’s market remains strong, and there are some prized, rare and iconic examples that fetch large amounts at auction. 

But if you are looking to replicate the amazing effect of a neon sign it is undoubtedly so that LED is the better option. Cheaper to make, and using only an electric current and glowing diodes, the LED offers colour and style in the same way as neon but for much less money in terms of initial outlay and running costs.

Make Your Business Stand Out

The are many reasons why LED is better for promoting your business apart from the reduced costs. LED is an energy-efficient light form that uses very little electricity, and also does not have the greenhouse gas association that neon brings to the table. By promoting your business in a green and eco-friendly way – yet one that is spectacular and noticeable – you are doing your bit to make sure you are viewed in a positive way. 

Neon may have the nostalgia element that makes everyone smile, but the time is no longer right for adding even more expensive to run neon signs to the world. Have a look at LED signs for your business, we think you’ll be impressed.

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