5 Techniques Which Can Improve Your Website’s Traffic In 2021

5 Techniques Which Can Improve Your Website's Traffic In 2021

5 Techniques Which Can Improve Your Website’s Traffic In 2021 | Want to know more traffic generating techniques for your Website other than the traditional ones, such as Blogger Outreach Services and Guest Blogging Sites? Continue reading and update your knowledge.


The techniques or methods to improve a website’s organic traffic never remains the same as new mechanisms or updates in the older ones are released depending on the users’ search and the latest trends in this regard.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, or a blogger, you will always be on the hunt to discover new unexplored traffic sources and experimenting with new traffic strategies. Such as the Blogger Outreach Services that is growing more effective with the passing time to generate organic traffic on one’s Website.

The list of techniques to drive traffic on your Website comprises infinite options that might overwhelm you. But, what we’ll be focussing on are the top five techniques to generate traffic in 2021 beyond your expectations. So, prepare yourself to brush your hands with the top five traffic-generating techniques trending in 2021.

5 Most Trending And Rewarding Techniques To Bring Traffic to your Website in 2021

Search for excellent search traffic potential topics: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most authentic ways to achieve consistent results in the long run. The longer your Website ranks high in search engines, like Google, the greater will be the inflow of organic traffic to your Website. And, to get this done, you have to extensively search and write about topics that people are most searching for. 

You can start by looking for high volume, low competition keywords. All you have to do is type one or a few relevant phrases or words into your keyword explorer tool and then choose any of the keyword ideas reports to get hundreds and thousands of relevant keyword ideas. 

The best topics to write about create a balance between low competition, high traffic potential, and high business value. The best topics are those that follow the following five rules.

  • Determines a specific goal for your marketing team.
  • Provides high business value.
  • Have high traffic potential.
  • You can earn money through display ads.
  • You can write and deliver more topics.

Increase your guest posting numbers: In simple words, guest blogging means writing for someone else’s blogs, in return for which the owner or the editor of that blog/website typically agrees to link back to your website/blog. The best guest posting services come with multiple benefits, like generating more backlinks that correlate with rankings, more traffic referrals, and increased brand awareness. 

To find the Guest Blogging Sites that willingly welcome writers for guest postings, the best way is to use the Google Search Operators and look for websites with words like “become a contributor” or “write for us” pages. SEOs widely use this technique.

You can also try to look for Guest Blogging Sites that have earlier written about a specific topic because there are high chances that they will be interested in a guest post on a similar topic.          

Promoting your content on popular online platforms is a must: Popular online platforms or communities are virtual places where you will find your target audience (TA) spending most of their time—trending social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Slack, and more. You must post the same content across all the popular digital platforms where you have a presence. 

For example, starting a Facebook community in the niche(s), you excel in and posting relevant content from your blog is the best way to increase traffic to your Website using Facebook. What else can you do? You can share links to your Website in Stories, post updates on your business’s Facebook page, and publish announcements on your profile. 

You can also organize giveaways and contests as everyone likes to win free goodies, especially on social media channels. For instance, you can ask your TA to repost your original post on their profile X times, or tag x number of friends and comment about the brand, etc., and in return, a lucky winner will win a small gift.

Collaborating with influencer marketers: An allocation worth $15 billion will be done towards influencer marketing by 2022. It is proved that influencer marketing campaigns have significantly driven the ROI concerning traffic, brand awareness, and sales. One of the best ways is to benefit from Blogger Outreach Service. 

The standard rules of PR apply to influencer marketing as well. You can create a list of influencers you want to collaborate with and share your sample products or services free of cost with them. In return, the influencers will share their experience of using your product/services with their followers for free. 

You can also avail of Blogger Outreach Service, i.e., reaching out to bloggers who write about topics that you sell so that they mention your business in their blogs or provide a backlink. Once you have built a good connection with influencers, you can ask them to feature in your blogs under sections like ‘Expert opinions,’ where they will be giving their valuable inputs on the topic discussed. These influencers will then share your blog on their Website for their followers, thus generating a large traffic chain to your Website.        

Podcasts are the new significant change: Podcasts are the following big change as many people, consisting of all ages, are keenly listening to them for motivation, entertainment, self-development, educational purposes, and many other reasons. This has made podcasts one of the hottest marketing channels.

The increase in the frequency of podcasts means more guest speakers. So, you can pitch in to be a guest. To search for podcast opportunities, you can Google and search for “top podcast” (depending on your niche). 


Final Verdict

The list above is not the end. Many other techniques are using which you can generate good traffic to your Website. You can use six tools to generate traffic for free, viz BuzzSumo, SimilarWeb, Alexa, Google Trends, Screaming Frog, and GTmetrix. Implement the above trending traffic generating techniques and witness a large flow of organic traffic to your Website.        


Author bio:

Shane Brown was born and raised in New York. He is a passionate blogger and chief blogging officer at BloggerOutreach. He is also a contributor writer at SEO Growth Engine & Redhat Media. Shane specializes in inbound marketing and creative sales copy.

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