Learning From the Success of Others: 3 Innovative Guitar Companies and Their Stories


NEGOSENTRO.COM | Learning From the Success of Others: 3 Innovative Guitar Companies and Their Stories | Innovation can happen in any industry. But, one that is turning heads is the guitar industry. Making music will never go out of style, but the new kids on the block are approaching the industry from a different point of view. These innovative guitar companies are making waves and moving out from under the radar. 

Let’s take a look at three companies through the eyes of Businesstrex how they set themselves apart from the rest. These growing companies have plenty of insight to offer to other innovative businesses that are trying to make waves in established industries. With eco-friendly materials and original ideas, these companies are worth noticing.  

  • Fusion Guitars

When you want to play your electric guitar, but you don’t want to deal with an amp, Fusion Guitar has you covered. This innovative brand has developed the all-in-one guitar where you no longer need to plug into an amp or any other technology. This guitar has a built-in amp, smartphone integration, and speakers. 

While the guitar is larger than other brands, it isn’t unwieldy. Fusion makes their guitars out of wood like Canadian maple and rosewood. Portability is important for today’s musicians, and this guitar lets musicians go where they want and play when they want. 

It took several years to get from a prototype to the models that Fusion sells now. The first iteration was lovingly called Frankenstein as it was a guitar with a Korg Pandora on it. With the goal of playing music anywhere, Fusion has created an innovative electric guitar that musicians love. 

  • Blackbird Guitars

Fusion Guitars is all about portability and electric guitars. Blackbird Guitars has the same portability focus, but with acoustic guitars. The company makes lightweight, eco-friend guitars that are portable and have a classic, vintage sound. Instead of making them from wood taken from rainforests, 

Blackbird uses a proprietary, sustainable material called Ekoa, made from linen fibers from flax. Their guitars and ukuleles offer a full-bodied sound that is not often found in portable guitars. These guitars also have unique designs that include hollow necks, sound ports, and sculptured unibodies. 

  • Odd Guitars

ODD Guitars uses innovative technology to bring their guitars to life. Rather than using hardwoods or other slow-growing wood, the manufacturer has turned to 3D printing to make one-of-a-kind guitars that are gaining ground in the music industry. 

ODD Guitars is located in New Zealand. They use a 3D-printing technology called Selective Laser Sintering that uses a nylon powder that is fused to form unique designs. The power is only 0.1mm, and each layer builds upon the next. Therefore, these guitars are not built quickly. Each one is a gorgeous piece of art designed for musicians who want to stand out from the rest. 

The guitars sound as good as they look. ODD guitars use standard hardware, selected by the customer. As each guitar is built to customized specifications, the bridges, necks, turning heads, pickups, and other parts, are designed by each musician. 

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