Why you need a Buyers’ Agent at auction

Buyers' Agent auction house

Negosentro | Why you need a Buyers’ Agent at auction | Going into auction to secure your dream home sounds like a breeze however inexperienced buyers find out very fast how intimidating it can be. There is a certain strategy that you should stick strictly to and if you don’t have someone experienced in your corner to represent you at auction, it’s quite likely you will miss out.

This article will explain why you should get a Buyer’s Agent to represent you at auction.

Less emotions, better deals

Most first-timers will naturally get nervous and overwhelmed through at auction. It is intense and fast, and it may be confusing for you. A Buyer’s Agent would have been to hundreds of auctions, they run an auction strategy that they would have specifically tailored for you and walk into auction confident and experienced. Their main goal is to get the best deal on your dream property and that requires not engaging emotions in the bidding process. No stress and no emotions mean better deals.

Auction Strategy

Having an effective bidding strategy is crucial to make sure you get the property you want for the right price, you don’t pay too much for your property and that you’re able to strategically compete with other buyers who are also wanting to secure the home at auction. If you don’t have a bidding strategy in play you will most likely lose the property to the hands of a more experienced buyer and you don’t want that to happen. A Buyer’s Agent will develop and implement an auction strategy for you to make sure that you secure your dream home at the right price, or will tell you not to buy if other buyers have bid too high. 

Getting you the property that matches your expectations

For you to get the best future return on investment, you need to look into the type of property, where it would be located and many more factors. The advantage of having a Buyers’ Agent in Brisbane to represent you at  Auction is that they have an experienced understand on the local property market and will advise you on things like what type of property to buy, which area and which price to focus on, what areas are likely to go up in value etc.  Auctions’ Agent knows what would best match your expectations. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you made the right choice, they take that responsibility off your shoulders and will provide you with the best deal. 

Hiring a Buyer’s Agent to represent you at an auction will ultimately help you save stress, time and will help you secure your\ dream home if the bid doesn’t go over your budget. 

The property market in Brisbane is especially competitive, buyers typically have multiple investment properties and have been through the auction process before, auctions in Brisbane are quite competitive as the population grows each year from people moving from more rural towns to the coast side city and are looking to buy. It is also one of the least expensive capital cities to buy property in and investors & new home buyers are always looking for the next auction to attend. 

Wendy Russell is an independent property Buyer’s Agent operating in Brisbane and so far has helped secure over 60 million dollars in Brisbane property. She is an auction strategist and is well regarded in Brisbane as one of the leading Buyer’s Agents to offer Auction Representation in Brisbane.

So if you have your sights set on a property and auction date, a small investment in a local expert will pay off dividends for you.

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