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Law Firm Marketing Guide for 2021 To Grow Your Practice | Digital Logic | We have compiled Twenty-three proven Digital marketing for attorneys for law firms. It can be challenging to keep up with all your cases and figure out how to win new instances consistently. It can be overwhelming to market a law practice while also practising law.

What you will learn:

You can quickly understand your marketing’s performance today by following these steps.

Where can I find information about my competition?

How to create a digital marketing plan that will lead to success

Social media is a great way to make your brand and build it quickly.

How to spend your online money to obtain high-quality referrals and leads

How do you market a law firm in 2021?

These 23 marketing strategies for law firms will help you grow and improve your marketing.


  1. Define your law firm’s marketing goals


Many law firms don’t focus on digital marketing because they are used to traditional marketing or radio, print and billboard advertising. This is where it’s common to spend a lot of money on “impressions” or value-added placements. Digital marketing allows you to segment your budget into different categories, which will enable you to reach different audiences with other messages. This increases the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy. This process may be beneficial for your attorneys as they can link fieldwork to your digital system, which will result in the best results for all employees.

By spending some of your advertising budgets with online video advertising through YouTube and Facebook, along with some remarketing to bring visitors back to your website, you could earn far more targeted views than you would receive with “traditional” methods, plus you’ll be able to track your metrics ongoing and make adjustments accordingly.

2. Refer to Other Attorneys

The best way to get leads from local attorneys is to build quality cases. Most attorneys have a speciality or sub-practice that they are good at. Referrals from other attorneys are plentiful. Referrals should be a two-way process. If you are both involved in the case, most states allow you to share the fees.


3. Assess the performance of your law firm website


One of the first steps is to evaluate your website’s performance to see if everything is working how it should. Website performance is measured in page load speed. Ensure that static pages are being served on your website or use a CDN to reduce load times.

The report will also provide quick tips to improve your website’s performance. You can forward the information to your developer if you have one. Although you may not get the perfect score, this analysis will allow you to understand which factors influence your website’s performance and help you make the necessary adjustments to beat your competitors online.


4. Register Your Law Firm and Website on Legal Directories


Many attorneys fail to indicate the practice areas they are proficient in or which locations they can cover for clients. This information is essential for website visitors. Your Law Firm’s report should be kept current and complete in all directories where potential clients may find your business. Recommend that practising attorneys link their digital profiles with your digital marketing platforms. This will help the entire company grow digitally. Google Business Listings, Avvo and other directories can be an excellent place for updating your practice areas and details. This will ensure that search engines are aware of your accurate information. Search engines will trust more information if it is verified online that your identity is accurate and complete. Google will also serve your information to more potential customers searching for information related to your legal specializations. This is a win-win situation for all! This is a great resource on free directories you can publish your information to

A Gmail account is sufficient to set up a Google advertising campaign for a law firm. However, it takes years of experience and training to run successful campaigns. Some attorneys attempt to run search campaigns but don’t get the results they desire. You should include negative keywords in your search campaigns. Also, ensure that you have tracking so you can see which keywords are driving new leads. Measure everything, or hire someone for professional PPC management services. We have a complete guide for you on how to generate leads for lawyers.


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