How to Launch Your First Social Media Campaign

Generate Leads with Social media campaign

Gay White, NegosentroSocial media plays an integral role in modern marketing. Any brand hoping to compete in a competitive industry must therefore develop a solid social media strategy, which appeals to your target audience. We are therefore showing you how to launch your first social media campaign.

Create a Strategy

A strong social media strategy looks beyond planning each post to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It is about planning posts around an event, holiday or the needs of your company. For example, you can build anticipation ahead of a product launch, or create intrigue ahead of a company event. It is also essential to identify the best content strategies to appeal to your target market, and how you can attract more followers to your social media pages.

Engage with Your Followers

Your target demographic might take the time out of their day to write a comment or send a direct message to your social media pages. It is therefore essential to engage with followers who engage with your brand. Set some time aside to respond to any comments or reply to any messages you receive, as it will help create a stronger relationship with your audience and, as a result, could turn them into a loyal customer.

Provide Rewards

Do you want to stand out from your industry rivals? If so, you must give your target audience a reason to follow you over your competitors. Encourage people to engage with your brand by providing social media discounts, competitions or unique content. A giveaway is an effective way to attract followers, boost your brand awareness and encourage online engagement, as your audience will return to your page time and again for a chance to win a fantastic prize.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Launching your first social media campaign might be a little daunting. To ensure every post you publish is a success, we recommend hiring an experienced social media manager, who can identify and promote your company’s strength, whilst using their marketing knowledge to connect with your audience. Hiring a professional social media manager will also allow you to focus on other areas of the business, so your company can grow from strength to strength.

Automate Your Social Media Posts

Don’t spend your days waiting to publish a post at a specific time. Utilize the many automation tools available that can schedule a post at a specific time and date each day. This will allow you to schedule posts in advance, whilst ensuring the right messages reach the right people at the right time.

Consider Paid Social Media Advertisements

Do you want to directly reach your target audience? If so, consider publishing a paid social media post, which allows you to target an advertisement to a specific age range, gender and location. You can also refine a sponsored post to complement a person’s hobbies or interests, whilst creating a marketing budget that suits your business needs.

Have you got any top tips for launching a social media campaign? Please feel free to share your advice by writing a comment below.

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