Growing Healthcare Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines [Infographic]

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Froilan Boomer, Negosentro | Health is an accurate indicator of one’s performance at work and in life. A healthy mind and body often lead to a job well done or a happy family, and vice versa.

Health affects many aspects of our lives, and it’s the reason why the topic of healthcare and policies on healthcare has gained traction in the media for being one of the most significant aspects of in people’s lives. The healthcare industry, in particular, is ripe with new opportunities for those looking to get a career in the industry.

This infographic gives a big picture of the rise of the healthcare industry in the Philippines. As a growing “tiger” economy, the Philippines is one of the largest providers of medical professionals all over the world. The country has even seen the boom of the nursing industry, and hundreds, if not thousands, of nursing graduates sought employment overseas where demand is very high.

Even though the demand for nurses overseas has slowed down, there’s still a whole world of opportunities for medical professionals. If you have a degree in nursing, why not explore other career paths? You can try your hand at any number of alternative careers in the medical field and be a medical secretary, medical assistant, medical representative, or even a clinical appeals specialist.

Additionally, there are lots of outsourcing hubs nowadays that specialize in the medical practice. Medical practitioners can build a career in these areas and even have the Rising Healthcare Industry in the Philippinesadvantage of becoming pioneers in medical technology careers.

The future is never certain, but one thing is for sure: the healthcare industry will keep up as technology advances and further improve our standard of living. That means those in the nursing and other medical field will never run out of chances for growth if they’re creative enough to explore the alternatives.


Rising Healthcare Industry in the Philippines