Last-minute Gift ideas for a Birthday Party

Birthday Party

One fine day, when you were taking a break from your work, you thought of calling your best friend. While talking to him you were reminded that it’s his birthday in four day from and now, you are all shocked. He invited you to his birthday party and now you are all concerned about buying him a nice birthday gift.  

This can happen to any of us. Caught up in the juggle between office and home, it is pretty normal that your friends or family member’s birthday escape your mind. And, with a last-minute reminder you look forward to buying a pleasant gift for them. This can be dismaying for many. So, here are some gifts that can be bought at nick of the time for a birthday:

  1. Photo Frames

Photo frames are a universally accepted and appreciated gift. They fit every occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary. So, if you are not able to come up with gift at the very last moment for a birthday, just buy a photo frame. Get a photo of your dear ones framed, which will not take much time in this digital age. 

  1. Travel Folder

If your dear one loves to travel, there cannot be any better gift than a travel folder. The best part is they are not difficult to find and can even be customized within a short time span. Gift your friend a travel folder that is spacious enough to accommodate cards, tickets, boarding passes, passport, etc. It is certainly a good present for traveller. But if presented to a non-traveller, it might urge him to take a trip.

  1. Customized Cushions

For those who love to decorate their abode, home décor items like cushion covers prove to be a delightful gift. They are easy to spot and can be found online as well on gifting sites. You can even get them personalized, which doesn’t take much time either. In a day or two, customized cushions covers are delivered.

  1. Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs have been in trend since couple of decades. Wide variety and designs are available in the shops as well as online. Mugs, these days, come printed in traditional as well as modern art. Some even have paper thin carvings made in multiple hues. Also, if you want to add a personal touch to it you can get them customized as per liking of the person you are buying it for.

  1. A Hamper of Munchies

Customized gifts like a hamper of yummy snacks will never go out of fashion. For a person, who loves to munch, this snack basket is the perfect option and it can contain cookies, chips, chocolates, wafers and juices. It will also prove to be an excellent gift for someone who loves to eat healthy as for him or her, you can get a snack basket consisting roasted nuts, digestive cookies, baked chips and health drinks. 

Finding a gift in the nick of time for a birthday party can be, sometimes, overwhelming you. But if you put some thought into it, you can come up with perfect gifts, even when you are not left with much time.

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