5 Reasons Why the KNX Smart Touch Panel Is Beneficial

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Negosentro.com | 5 Reasons Why the KNX Smart Touch Panel Is Beneficial | We have seen quite a number of smart touch panels on the market, and we appreciate them for doing what they promised. After all, they are intuitive and smart, like they have been advertised to be. However, we have had a problem with why they do not offer more than they promise.

Don’t get us wrong. It is impressive that they make a claim, and they stick with it. When you see such options as the KNX Smart Touch V50, though, you start to rethink all you know about smart touch panels.

In this piece, we highlight some of the reasons why the KNX smart touch panel is a must-have. 

1 Ergonomic Design

Most smartphones today have gotten to the stage where the smallest screens to be put out on even the entry-level devices are in the 5-inch range. That is because this is the least allowable space for the display of a generous amount of information without having the whole area cramped up.

GVS took the same approach to their KNX smart touch panel V50, opting for a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen, which is as responsive to the touch as they come. Meanwhile, KNX smart touch V10 of GVS  with 10.1 inch color IPS,1280×800 resolution, and capacitive touch screen can meet further requirements of the users in vision.

2 Aesthetics

Depending on the kind of décor you have planned out for your home, it is possible to keep the same tone and feel throughout with your pick of the smart touch panel from GVS. It offered three different color options – black, grey, and gold – there is no way you can go wrong with your desired pick.

Combine that with the design and style on the body of the KNX smart touch panel itself, and we have a home run.

3 Informative Display

You are not just getting a KNX smart touch panel for the sake of having one. This pick takes it to another level by offering you just about all the essential pieces of information you need to know about your home at a single glance.

This includes, but is not limited to, all of the air quality, energy levels in the home, HVAC details, air temperature, time, ambient temperature, and shading levels.

4 Entertainment and Lifestyle Control

Rather than just controlling random stuff in your home, the KNX smart touch panel V50 also allows you to have some fun while boosting your lifestyle in the same vein. 

In this vein, you get to set timers and reminders. For those who are a little bit on the technical side, exploring the logic options aboard will be a fun time for you too. At the same time, you also get to control the home music system from a single screen. 

Think about turning your home into a little mood that just matches your aura, and all are from a single screen.

5 Security

It would be counterproductive to have such a smart system which has access to almost everything in the house and leave it unprotected. Thus, one of the other things that stands out to us about this panel is the high level of security it offers.

It has password access, panel block, and screensaver, which can protect your home from external intrusions. It gives you access to set a strong password before granting access to allow the changing of any setting on the panel. And the key to your home is always in your hands.

Based on the benefits above, you can be in full control of your life comfortably through its simple operation. Overall, a panel like KNX Smart Touch V50 can do much help to your life. Like GVS values “innovate to improve our life” , it will make your life much more convenient.

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