Simple Environmental Practices You Can Do At Your Office

environmental things Struggling Reputation How you can rebuild it this 2020-Negosentro | Simple Environmental Practices You Can Do At Your Office | Are you worried about your carbon footprint? You are not alone. Our society faces global warming and other drastic effects of greenhouse emissions. Yet, if each one of us did their part, we can reduce or even reverse this climate change. Now, do you spend most of your days in the office? Why not adopt some simple practices that help to preserve the environment? Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

FoOpt For Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies

Does your supplier contract include a clause on reducing your business carbon footprint? If not, you need to review your agreement. It is important to buy supplies from companies who already have green policies in practice. You can even purchase recycled products to significantly minimize pollution. Items such as toner cartridges, paper, and plastics are available in recycled form and costs much less too. Consider cleaning your office using “green” products and replace all of the incandescent bulbs with compact energy-saving fluorescent bulbs. You can also ask your fuel supplier for carbon offset red diesel deliveries to ensure you reduce your carbon footprint even further.

Maximize on Your Current Heating and Cooling Installations

Are you using your current heating and cooling systems efficiently. If not, find ways on how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle your current consumption. Start by using minimal water for cooling your machines. Then, recycle this water by directing it towards hot water pipes. Improve your heating and cooling systems by sealing the ducts. Add insulation to curb and energy leaks. Remember, the best approach is to work with the right contractor for the job. He will work out a plan for the best way to use your current equipment.

Upgrade Your Appliances

It’s a no brainer. We have SMART technologies that can help us save on lots of energy as we work. Think of IoT devices, temperature sensors, and gadgets with thermostats, timers, and voice controls. Such options will control your lighting and other energy-consuming machines when not in use. Hence, upgrade your office appliances with such latest energy-saving devices.

Sensitize Your Staff

You achieve a more significant impact when you have sound environmental practices as a team. Hence, teach these practices in your team-building and Friday office briefings.  Remind your colleagues of the importance of responsible energy use in the workplace. Have challenges, competitions, and awards for staff who adopt the habits in the workplace. Incorporate these habits into your company culture and work ethics. Let them feature as part of the orientation process for new employees.

Minimize On Your Travel

Reduce your travel carbon footprint by carpooling with your colleagues. Then, have electric vehicle charging stations at your premises. They’ll encourage your staff to switch to electric cars. Opt for teleconferencing to discourage unnecessary travel for staff. Then, maintain flexible schedules. If you can, allow your team to work from anywhere provided they meet their targets.


Sustainable environmental practices do more than reduce our carbon footprint. They help businesses cut costs. Think about it. Anytime you reuse or recycle that paper, you save on the stationery costs. And, a simple solution like a thermostat will keep tabs on your power bills. Hence, start implementing these practices today.

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