Know Before You Go – The Simple Tips of Cleaning Mousepad

Cleaning Mousepad

The mouse and its pad are essential to almost every computer user, yes – mouse pads allow you to glide a mouse along a textured surface. The mouse pads keep accurately translating mouse movements and ensure that your hand is supporting while navigating and typing. It is quite important cleaning mouse pad before cleaning you should know how to clean a mousepad.

Yes – Seemingly the mouse pad is a simple product, and there are lots of varieties from which you can choose. But for the better computing experience, you need the best way of cleaning mousepad. Cleaning mouse pad is not simple, many people clean mouse pad themselves, and while cleaning, they damaged the surface of it. Therefore, before cleaning you should be aware of the cleaning tips with the household products. Well – if you feel difficult to navigate a mouse then you should learn about the simple way of cleaning mousepad. Now, unfold the question of how to clean a mousepad with the household items.

How to clean Mousepad – Just DIY:

Have you ever notice with your mouse pointer when working, especially when you want to work more efficiently. If you are a professional and you perform several tasks on the computer, then there is a need to work more efficiently.

So, it is important to have a clean mousepad; it might become dirty due to beverage or food that you spilled on your mousepad.

When your mousepad is neat and clean, it makes lengthy computer sessions more comfortable. Are you looking for the washing a mousepad then here you come to know about the simple and best tips:

You might be wondering!

  • First of all, you should examine what type of mousepad you have. If you have plastic or rubber mousepads, then you take a damp cloth and wet wipes, and if you have cloth or fabric, then you need to pay little more attention to get rid of dirt, oil and grease.  

How to Wash Mousepad?

The Things You Need to Fulfil The Cleaning Process:

There are a few things mentioned below that you need to fulfil the cleaning process:

  • Water
  • Shampoo
  • Brush
  • Towel


Here below are some simple and best tips through which you can easily clean your mousepad within no time:

  1. Get a bath-tub and put a mousepad in it
  2. Flow the water rapidly in the steady stream on the surface of the mouse pad
  3. Take a little amount of shampoo and begin pour or drizzle it on the surface of the mouse pad
  4. Take a soft or moist brush and begin to brush off the entire area of the mousepad. Avoid brushing off hardly
  5. After that rinse, the entire brushed mouse pad. To get rid of all the shampoo you ought to rinse both the front and the back of the mousepad
  6. Take a soft towel and put the mousepad on it
  7. After that fold the edges of the towel instantly
  8. To get water out from mousepad you need to press the towel
  9. If your mousepad is still damped, then you should let it dry for a couple of hours

Thankfully you come to know about how to wash mousepad with the household products. There is no need to get new mousepad if you know about the cleaning method. If your mousepad is dirty or spilled with food or beverages, then you ought to clean it immediately by following the above tips.

All the above tips are quite effective for the following:


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  • white mouse pad
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  • giant mouse pads
  • oversize mouse pads
  • padded mouse pad



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