Key Benefits Of Business Meeting Spaces For Your Events

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Events are a great way to market your brand and its service and product offerings, especially if you know you’re catering to various types of audiences. Of course, the challenging part of planning an event is deciding the kind of venue you’re going to use, given it has a major impact towards the overall impression attendees will have over your event. In this regard, you might want to consider using business meeting spaces for your events – especially if your niche primarily involves professionals in the business industry. How would this work, though?

Before you read more about the advantages of using business meeting spaces for your events, perhaps it’s time to look at events on a much grander scale. Success of your events can potentially reap a lot of returns on your end as a marketer and a business owner thanks to its ability to attract consumers and prospects. For instance, 70-percent of users actually have the potential to become regular customers after attending a marketing event for a particular brand, and 65-percent of attendees said live events have assisted them in having a better understanding of a service. With these numbers in mind, here are some of the many benefits of using business meeting spaces for your events:


  • Give a professional tone to the event: If your event is geared towards professionals and big-name clients, then perhaps a Manhattan meeting space might be of benefit to you. In fact, regardless of the area, if you know a majority of your attendees will be coming from professional backgrounds, then you’re likely going to benefit using a professional space as well. This gives an air of professionalism and elegance to the event, compared to other event spaces.
  • Intimacy helps establish your presence: The intimate nature of business meeting spaces allow you and other attendees to be immediately aware of each others’ presence, without any need for noisy and distracting hosts and commentaries. Your event will be focused on the objective of your company or your hosts, and this “straightforward” system can be attractive to a lot of clients.
  • Utilize technology at its fullest: Compared to other event venues, business meeting spaces can give you easy access to technological improvements to improve presentations. You, your clients, and individuals present can have access to materials such as laptops, projectors, and other visual aids in order to give presentations more proactively. You no longer have to outsource equipment as your business meeting space will mostly like have them.
  • Clients love being a part of the show: Immediate conversions aside, your brand can use events to gain traction simply by being a part of it. In fact, 34-percent of attendees said they will most likely make a post about the event in social media, with 33-percent saying they may even take videos and photos in the event. 80-percent of event attendees said features such as free samples and live demonstrates help define their purchase decisions, and 98-percent of users feel inclined to buy a product after attending iits activation.
  • Establish good first impressions: Finding a great meeting room can help give guests a good first impression to your company. If your office building or venue of your choice has a meeting room that is both stylish and state-of-the-art, then prospective clients may get the impression that your business is a leader in its industry. Augment this with the existence of advanced visual aids and excellent presentation, and you may actually be able to win the hearts of your clients.
  • Save money on equipment, utilities: Using a business meeting space for your event can potentially save you more money and provide better quality because of the fact that even if you do have to rent a business meeting space for your event, you’re going to rent along with it the utilities, facilities, and equipment to be used. This means personnel and equipment will already be compatible with the business meeting space.

The Bottomline: Utilizing Business Meeting Spaces

Event spaces and venues are evidently an important component to ensure the success of an event. However, one should look into the benefits of using a business meeting space in order to better leverage on opportunities offered by event marketing. Taking advantage of a business meeting space’s capacity to accommodate professionals and private events alike make it quite a good venue to capture clients and customers alike that might be able to contribute a lot into your company’s revenue targets.


Sara Schiller

Sara, who is a small town girl, is the co-founder and President of Meet and Wooster Collective. In 2015, Sara co-launched Meet Design Studio which provides meeting space consultation and installation services to clients.  The goal is to bring the client’s brand to life through art and design while keeping functionality at the forefront. Prior to starting Meet, Sara spent eight years at Starwood Hotels, most recently as the SVP of Real Estate Marketing. While at Starwood, she worked on the brand positioning for all nine brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton and St. Regis. Prior to Starwood, Sara worked as a management consultant developing the strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Her clients included United Airlines, MasterCard, TXU, Discovery and Spencer Stuart.  Sara holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business in Finance and Marketing and received her Bachelors from Bowdoin College.