Android App Release Checklist for the Production Launch

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James Grills, Negosentro | As the “production launch” day approaches closer, it certainly gets a developer pretty excited and also, a bit worried about even the slightest possibility of going wrong. This holds true for every passionate developer who is looking forward to launching his product of extreme hard work and brilliant imagination.

However, it’s always wise to go through the Android app release checklist to double check if one’s missing on any of the important features and that way, one can ensure a successful app launching. In this post, we are going to share the important Android App Release Checklist for the Production Launch.

Check If the App Is Completely in Compliance With the Developer Program Policies

It is extremely important for a developer to read and comprehend the developer program policies to one’s best to ensure that the application doesn’t violate the developer program policies in any way.

Understanding the policies pertaining to Restricted Content, Privacy, Security, and Deception, Impersonation and Intellectual Property, Store Listing and Promotion, Spam and Minimum Functionality etc. is important for the success of every single Android application.

In case, one finds one’s application in violation with any of the developer program policies, one can always take one’s time to fix it.

Check If One Has Planned Well on the App Localization

App localization comprises identifying the countries where an application will possibly run well, designing the app for localization, translating the app, planning an open test in the key countries and more.

It is certainly the most important aspect of a successful application and in fact, a developer can capitalize on it to a massive extent to increase one’s sales. If one hasn’t thought about it yet, one is certainly missing on a massive deal.

Checking on the app localization can be pretty effective for a developer prior to the release of one’s application for if the application is launched without having planned on the app localization, things can get pretty frustrating for a developer.

Check If the App’s Play Store Listing Plan Is up to the Mark

For an effective Play store listing it is important to add the descriptions, promotional graphics, screenshots, and videos to your app’s Play store page. After all, it’s a matter of creating the first great impression.

As a matter of fact, this is the most important phase of app release and it surely needs a lot of thought on the part of a developer to make it unimaginably attractive to catch the attention of the users.

Also, it is always a wise to add a link to the application’s privacy policy page. Most importantly. a developer needs to localize the application’s store listing in every language that the app supports and for the target countries. It will increase the possibility for more downloads.

Check If One Has Added the Right Analytics to One’s Android App

Analytics play a very important role these days and it plays a very amazing role in the Android application as well. It helps the developers improve the app’s performance with times and come up better versions.

That’s why it is wise to double check if one has covered all the essential metrics such as Frames Per Second, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network Traffic, Disk for the data one need and if one has added it properly to the android app.

If one finds that one is missing on any of the important metrics, one can always take time to work on it provided that one takes the initiative to go through the checklist before the launch.

Check If One Has Applied Proguard to One’s Application

Applying Proguard is a very wise approach to mobile application development. What it actually does is it minifies the code which eventually reduces the app-size.

Apart from this, it obfuscates the code so that no other developer can comprehend and copy the exact framework of one’s application.

A lot of developers actually ignore it but over the years, there have been many instances of reverse engineering of one’s application by the other.

Double Check the Application-size

Application size certainly plays a huge role in the application’s success. In fact, it’s very easy to understand and we could take our own instances as to how we behave with the applications that are pretty large in size.

Nobody usually likes to install large size apps, right? Even if we do sometimes, it has a greater possibility to crash.

Hence, the app-size really matters and a developer must double check if there’s any unused resource that can be removed.

Check If the Crash Reporting Library Added Correctly to the Application

For every passionate developer who cares a lot about one’s application’s reputation, it is always a good idea to double check if the crash reporting library has been correctly added to the application.

The Crash reporting library will help the developer in identifying the issues with the application and help one come up one fix it in time or perhaps, come up with a better version.

Check If the Application Is Getting Updated Successfully

Another very important thing to do is checking if the application is successfully getting updated from old to new versions.

Also, it is important for a developer to check if one has missed upgrading the database or missed on writing the migration after having altered it

Alpha and Beta Testing

Uploading your android app bundle for Alpha and Beta testing may reveal a lot of underlying issues for you to fix and this is always a pretty wise thing to do to ensure the most successful application launch.

Almost all developers check their applications with Alpha and Beta Testing to attain a massive level of accuracy which is why it is considered to be one of the best practices in android application development.

If you are missing on this, you had better wait and upload your app bundle for Alpha and Beta testing first. Only then, think of the launch.

Check the Application’s Compatibility with the Various Os and Screens Sizes

There’s no denying the fact that every developer wants one’s application to be used extensively by the users and one very important aspect in this regard is the compatibility of the application with the various Android versions and the screen sizes.

The higher the compatibility, the higher would be the download rate. Hence, a developer needs to check one’s application with as many Android devices as possible to reach out a large number of users.

Double Check If the Screenshots That One is Going To Use In Play Store Are Copyright Free

One of the most important aspects a developer must keep in mind is that one must not use any image for which one doesn’t have a copyright as any copyright related issue can cause a huge hindrance in the way of one’s application’s success and to such  an extent that it is removed or banned from Google play store. One may either use images that are copyright free or images for which one has the copyright.

Launching an android application is surely not a child’s play and it certainly involves a lot of hard work on the part of a developer. Even the slightest negligence can have the most devastating impact on the product’s reputation which is why it’s always wise to double check every single thing about the application before the launch.

In fact, there are many instances in the past where brilliant app based ideas failed due to their poor execution. It’s never a bad idea to take time to make sure everything is at its right place before actually launching the app than trying to launch it hastily and missing on an important aspect. The hasty launch will simply ruin the app’s reputation. So, take your time and of course, take a good look at the Android App Release Checklist for the Production Launch.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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