Is your car unfit or too old to be on-road? This is what you can do with it

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Cars are valuable – whether in drivable condition or not. If we know how to use them, they can be used for multi-purpose or earn money for you before partying away. 

They do hold an exceptional place in our hearts – they might have been your partners in so many outings and might have taken you to some adventurous trips. 

But, like everything else, they also have a life cycle, and with friction, they tend to become useless on roads. And either you keep it unused in your garage, or you think of just giving it up.

Before you decide, we have got some unique solutions for you. Depending on your financial requirement, and time, you can choose from one of the solutions for your old car.

Things to do with your old car

Trade-in with the vehicle

Yes! You can trade off an old car with something that you might hard to find.

A car which might be obsolete to you still might hold some value in the market. So, search well, and find out the actual demand for your car’s model. For a vehicle with significant demand, can be conveniently traded for a newer one. The old car’s value gets adjusted with the new one. And thus, you have to pay lesser than the actual cost of the new vehicle.

But, in most cases, it is not a profitable deal, as the dealers do not pay substantially for old car So, be ready to bargain and keep the facts in figures related to automobile market and your car’s model handy.

Barter the car for something valuable

Barter is all about meeting the requirements of two parties. There are many car freaks whose hobby is to fix old cars, remodel them and drive them. These people might find treasure in your old car. So, try to search such people, see if he has something that is of your interest, and goes ahead with barter.

Let all your friends, families, and neighbors know that you are planning to get rid of your old car, and they might help you to meet the exact required party.

However, in this system, while you end up owning something antique, or precious, but it won’t get you cash. So, if you are looking for money, this is not the solution for you.

And clean the car so that anyone who sees it doesn’t find it to be a junkyard.

Pull apart the car

Since car parts are highly recyclable, there is a massive market for used parts of a vehicle in Australia. By selling the different parts of your vehicle, you can earn substantial money. People owning popular models often search for sellers from whom they can buy replacements of a malfunctioning or worn out parts.

So, if you can dismantle the car yourself, nothing like that! You will save on the mechanic’s cost. Nevertheless, if you are not confident with cars, hire someone to do the job for you. 

But the challenge arises with not-so-popular models or old car models as they hardly fetch as much money as you might expect. 

In that case, the service of car wreckers in Adelaide is the best solution for you. You can either sell the spare parts or the entire car to them. These companies reuse each part of the vehicle.

Sell it off

Why keep your car lying for long? It is not suitable for the environment also. Instead, try to sell it off. Search the internet; you will find buyers interested in purchasing old cars. Additionally, some companies deal with old cars and are always willing to buy old vehicles.

They either repair the car, or they dismantle it and sell the parts. In either of the case, they earn good profit and thus pay you also substantially. 

Donate it

Another option which will not earn you any money but it is a noble cause and will surely enjoy some tax wave-off. In case your car is in driveable condition, donate it to some NGO.

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