Is Mass Communication a Prospective Career Option for the Youngsters?

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It was not long ago when Mass Communication was considered to be the final career option for job seekers. However, things have changed a lot in the past decade. Today, Mass Communication is considered to be one of the hottest career prospects to think about. In fact, many youngsters are taking up Mass Communication bachelors’ course immediately after completing their high-school degree. Presently, the stream has a tremendous career prospect. The industry is booming with 6-8 top-line media companies being strongly listed in World Stock Exchange. Due to the government’s liberalized policies, the increasing purchasing power of the expanding middle-class and high technological growth have equally contributed for such a positive market for Mass Communication. Add to this, the changing lifestyle that definitely makes a big difference and creates a liberal mindset among the youngsters and seniors equally.

What is Mass Communication as a Course?

Mass Communication course is basically a broad term. The course primarily revolves around studying different mass media related subjects along with different procedures to communicate with the public. Mass Communication is an integral part of Journalism too. That is why, the courses are mostly integrated as Mass Communication and Journalism. With this degree, you can become an advertising agent; public relations officer; television, radio or print media journalist; or even a marketing expert. Mass Communication courses Mumbai also include specialization topics in event management, film making and radio jockeying.

Market Prospects for Mass Communication in India

In developing countries like, India, Mass Communication courses are becoming exceedingly popular among the youngsters. These courses have developed into a highly comprehensive educational field to explore while a ensuring bright and a challenging career prospect. You can say that the tremendous growth of electronic media plays a crucial role in popularizing this particular field of education. It has a high prospect and promises a lucrative career option. It allows the chance to attain instant recognition and fame when compared to the invisible bylines of print media.

The Present Scenario

These days, Mass Communication courses are offered by several institutes, big or small, in different cities of the country. Most of the small cities and rural townships feature colleges and educational institutes serving degree courses in Mass Communication, Journalism and Event Management. In fact, there are diploma, bachelors’, and post graduate degrees available for Mass Communication courses.

If someone wants to enroll in undergraduate courses in this stream, the candidate must have passed the intermediate exam in any discipline. If you want to opt for a PG degree or PG Diploma course in Mass Communication, you must have a valid bachelor’s degree in any discipline. If you want to do doctorate in Mass Communication, it is mandatory to hold a PG degree in Mass Communication.

A lot of government institutes and private colleges are offering Mass Communication education. However, the industry is slowly getting more demanding making the competition a bit too steep and tough.