Brand Building Tips for a Start-up

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Starting a business from scratch entails a lot of dedication and work, different aspects to be considered and many steps to be taken. One of these steps is developing your brand, and its importance is often overlooked. Your brand shapes the image and personality of your company and affects the way your customers perceive it. In order to create a strong brand, you need a well-developed branding strategy, so here are some tips that will help you achieve this.

Choosing the Name

When deciding on the name of your company, keep in mind that it will send a certain message. A perfect name that will reflect the personality of your business must be selected at the very beginning, since later on, when your company expands, there’s no going back. Make sure to be original and not to use a name of other companies (this will infringe their copyrights). Your name should be catchy, easy to remember, and not too long.

Identifying the Target Audience

You need to know your audience before moving on to creating the message and imagery of your company. Start with some key questions, such as who your customers are, what they like or what they need. Consider their age and interests, since it’s not the same whether teenagers or adults are your target audience. Once you identify your target market, choosing an appropriate approach will be easier.

Creating the Visuals

The visual side of your business is as important as any other step of your branding strategy, even though it might not seem so. You need to develop a visual identity that will be associated with your company; for example, red is often associated with Coca-Cola. Everything from fonts, colours, flyer printing,to logo design should reflect your business values. As we have already mentioned, once you know the audience, everything is much easier and you’re one step closer to creating the visuals that will appeal to your customers. If you know what they like and what they want to see, you can easily present your product or service in a way that will catch their attention. You can choose two or three colours that will be used for your logo, or find an eye-catching motif or a theme that will appear in your imagery.

Choosing the Right Message

You need to choose a message that will reflect the values and the mission of your company. The right message will show your customers what you stand for and it will demonstrate the direction you’re heading to your employees. In addition, your message can motivate your workers and show them the objectives that all of you are trying to achieve.

Being Consistent

Consistency is one of the key factors that you need to keep in mind. When you develop a branding strategy, stick to it, since you don’t want to confuse your customers. You have to be consistent with your principles, your message, logo, and your merchandising. In this way, your clients will know who you are, what your products are and what your business stands for.

Contacting the Audience

You cannot wait for your clients to come to you, you need to reach out to them and establish contact. You can pose a variety of questions concerning your audience that will help you shape your marketing campaigns. Some of those questions are what events they attend, what social media they use, where they hang out, or what websites, magazines or newspapers they read. Once you find out the answers to these questions, it will be easier to make contact with your clients.

A well-developed brand is an important factor that can contribute to the success of your company. Make sure to cover everything, especially because you’re at the very beginning. Every step along the way is relevant, so make sure to be thorough and patient.

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Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog.

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