Is a buyers advocate necessary?

buyers advocate
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Negosentro | Is a buyers advocate necessary? | Usually, buying a new home is an experience filled with pleasure and pride. But in many cases, without professional help, fear and anxiety consume valuable time and energy.

Many new home-buyers complain that the whole real estate landscape in Australia favours the sellers as the agents work for their benefit. For instance, take the Sunshine city of Brisbane, which people prefer for its pleasant weather. But the real estate prices here are exorbitant. This situation is the reason why people turn to a buyers advocate in Brisbane. Choosing the right kind of help levels the playing field.

Picking the best property boils down to knowing what the family needs, what one can afford, and knowing what is available at the right time when one is ready. It feels good to know that an experienced agent is working by and for you, guiding you through the process.

So read on to find out more about this unassuming breed of helpers called buyer’s agent/ advocate.


A buyers advocate in Brisbane is someone who represents the opposite of an agent working for a seller. They work for them and are paid for by the seller. Whereas the former are licensed agents, their job profile involves working for the buyer and protecting their interests.

They help in

  • Finding the right property that matches needs
  • Finding a property that matches the price and terms using unbiased advice.

If someone asks why pay someone else the money to do something that one can do by themselves, here are a few reasons.

  1. Their research will save the buyers money. They have an in-depth knowledge of the field, and their guidance is unmatched.
  2. Their skills will help reduce the overall stress of the process, as home buying is undoubtedly stressful and sometimes discouraging. Buyers’ advocates work to make the process hassle-free.
  3. Experience translates to time-saving. They can help free the buyers’ time as they will do all the necessary work.
  4. Industry knowledge of these agents can work for the buyers’ benefit. It is better to have someone other than the selling agent on the team.
  5. Their contacts are a valuable resource and let them have access and inroads into every property on sale. And they might even have information on certain sales off-market. A buyer cannot access such data any other way.

Buyers’ advocates in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and other major cities in Australia have to work harder to secure the prime property. Since these three are always on the list of the most populated cities in the country, without the needed help, one may not get satisfactory results.

So why aren’t more people making use of their services?

This question may arise in a lot of minds. The truth is many people do use them. Although it is not as popular here in Australia, slowly more buyers are benefitting from it. Estimates say that 1 in every five people currently seek the help of a buyers’ advocate.

Is not a selling agent the same for a buyer?

The answer is no. The selling agent is supposed to act in the interests of the seller-who is their client. They do not, or should not, work for the buyer. Some might say they represent both sides, but that is not possible. As it creates a conflict of interests, and they can effectively work for only one.

The real estate market is growing in the country, but not all plots will increase in value. So now more than ever all buyers need the essential guidance for property selection.

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